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How To Store Magic Mushrooms & Truffles?

This article examines several methods for storing both fresh and dried magic mushrooms and truffles. Some techniques are excellent for short-term preservation, but others should keep your mushrooms potent permanently!

Few things are more thrilling than picking your first bloom of magic mushrooms or truffles. It’s a great sensation to watch the fruits of your labor finally come off, and it provides you a far more intimate contact with the drug that will take you on your psychedelic adventure. You are not, however, out of the woods yet.

If you don’t know how to properly store your magic mushrooms and truffles, it might be a difficult task. It is relatively simple to harm them, reducing their alkaloid content and making them susceptible to breakdown. As a result, learning how to properly and securely store your mushrooms and truffles is essential for every aspiring psychonaut.

The Importance Of Storing Magic Mushrooms And Truffles Correctly

Magic mushrooms and truffles spoil quickly if not properly stored. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. If kept in normal conditions, fresh mushrooms and truffles will rot nearly instantly. And dried ones require special attention if they are to be preserved for an extended period of time.

If you wish to keep mushrooms or truffles for an extended period of time, they must be dried. This is particularly true with mushrooms. Because truffles contain far less water, they may last for much longer when they are fresh.

How To Store Magic Mushrooms & Truffles

How To Store Fresh Magic Truffles Or Mushrooms?

Storing fresh mushrooms and truffles may appear to be a difficult task, but it isn’t. While there may be numerous suggestions and tips on how to accomplish it, it is actually a simple process. Fresh, unopened truffles can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two months. However, once opened, they should be consumed within two days. If you want to dry them for later use, they may be stored for at least a year after drying.

Mushrooms are unique in that they can only be preserved in the refrigerator for a few days after being picked. They, too, may be preserved for approximately a year if fully dried. So, simply be sure to keep your mushrooms and truffles properly, and they’ll last a long time. Store fresh mushrooms in a paper towel or dishcloth if necessary. Also, don’t stuff them too tightly. Mould and rot may spread quickly.

How to store fresh magic truffles or mushrooms

Storing Liberty Caps (Psilocybe Semilanceata)

Liberty caps, maybe the most common kind in Europe, should be dried practically immediately. They contain nematodes, which resemble little white worms or maggots. Though completely safe when dried, nematodes on freshly selected specimens will swiftly make their way through the mushrooms if left to sit. NTo summarize, do not strive to keep liberty caps fresh; instead, dry them as soon as feasible.

How To Store Magic Mushrooms And Truffles Long Term?

If you intend to keep magic mushrooms or truffles for any significant period of time, then they must be properly dried and stored. Here’s how to do that.

How to store magic mushrooms and truffles long term

Preparing Magic Mushrooms And Truffles For Storage

They will not last if they are not completely dried. We mean brittle and “cracker dry” when we say entirely dry. They will disintegrate if exposed to dampness. They won’t go bad, but the psilocybin will degrade, and you’ll be disappointed when you try to eat them and nothing occurs. So make sure you understand how to dry mushrooms or truffles.

Storing Shrooms And Truffles In Airtight Containers Or Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags and airtight containers provide safe and convenient storage for dried magic mushrooms and truffles. Ziplock bags are definitely the worst option because they aren’t completely sealed and moisture will likely make its way in over time. They do, however, function effectively in the short to medium term and can be aided by adding silica gel.

Airtight containers, such as jars, or curing solutions, such as CVaults or Tightvacs, perform well. These are typically airtight and will keep moisture out! Again, add some silica gel to absorb any moisture that may become caught or remain in the shrooms or truffles. Whichever way you use, keep it in a cold, dark area. Psilocybin is also destroyed by heat and light.

Storing shrooms and truffles in airtight containers or ziplock bags

Vacuum Sealing Magic Mushrooms And Truffles

This is the choice that is most likely to keep your dried mushrooms and truffles safe for an extended period of time. Vacuum sealing eliminates all air from your shrooms and hermetically seals them. If they’ve been properly dried, they’ll stay that way until you open them.

In many circumstances, this strategy may be excessive. Only use it if you anticipate storing them for an extended period of time or if you have a large number to manage. A handful of grams left over is unlikely to justify such a procedure.

Keep in mind that vacuum-sealed shrooms cannot be opened or closed. You’ll need a new storage option once you’ve pierced the plastic. Nonetheless, this is an excellent long-term storage solution.

Can You Freeze Magic Mushrooms Or Truffles?

It is possible, and it works as a storing mechanism. However, unless they are completely dry, freezing them risks diminishing their power.

We would only recommend this if you are confident that your mushrooms or truffles are dry enough, such as if you used a food dehydrator. We’d go with another alternative if you merely hung them next to a fan.

Storing Magic Mushrooms And Truffles As Blue Honey

Blue honey may also be made with magic mushrooms and truffles. This approach keeps shrooms fresh indefinitely and produces a delightful hallucinogenic treat.

To produce blue honey, coarsely ground your mushrooms or truffles. Then combine them with honey. The psilocybin from the mushrooms will gradually permeate into the honey. It may then be added to tea, toast, or consumed with a spoon.

This is an excellent storing strategy. The biggest disadvantage is that you are somewhat restricted in how you may consume your shrooms once they have been blended with honey.

Storing magic mushrooms and truffles as blue honey

How Long Do Dried Magic Mushrooms And Truffles Last?

They should survive a long time if properly dried and preserved. Certain ways may ultimately allow moisture in, which will destroy your fungus. However, vacuum sealing and other preservation procedures should allow you to keep mushrooms and truffles indefinitely.

Storing Magic Mushrooms And Truffles: Drying Is Key

Unless you’re simply storing them for a limited period of time, properly drying your truffles and mushrooms is essential to preserving them—moisture will kill them. However, if you’ve dried your mushrooms or truffles correctly, the methods listed above should keep them fresh until you’re ready to eat them.

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