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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars: Everything You Need To Know

Whoever was the first to combine magic mushrooms and Mushroom Chocolate Bars was a genius, but they’re long gone. Over a thousand years ago, the Aztecs combined psilocybin-containing mushrooms with cacao. Today, things are done a little differently, but the fundamentals remain the same. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about magic mushroom chocolates, including their history, effects, where to get them, and how to manufacture your own at home.

What Are Psilocybin Mushroom?

Psilocybin mushrooms, sometimes known as magic mushrooms, are a polyphyletic informal group of fungi that contain psilocybin, which when consumed converts to psilocin. Psilocybe, Panaeolus (including Copelandia), Inocybe, Pluteus, Gymnopilus, and Pholiotina are biological genera that include psilocybin mushrooms.

Psilocybin mushrooms have been and continue to be employed in religious, divinatory, or spiritual situations by indigenous New World societies. They are also used recreationally. They appear in Stone Age rock art in Africa and Europe, but they are most renowned in Pre-Columbian sculptures and glyphs found across North, Central, and South America.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Psilocybin, the primary element in magic mushrooms, is a hallucinogenic molecule that alters your state of consciousness. When you take psilocybin, your body converts it into psilocin, which binds to serotonin receptors in your brain and produces rapid alterations in cognition, perception, emotion, and sense of self.

Psilocin stimulates the default mode network (DMN), which is a network of seven large-scale brain areas that collaborate to execute abstract thinking, rumination, future projection, and forming our sense of self (aka “the ego”).

Psilocin effectively interrupts this network, leading in ego loss and a sense of oneness with the cosmos. If all of this seems a little woo-woo, here’s some research to back it up. A placebo or psilocybin was administered to research participants, who were then put in an MRI to analyze brain activity.

Participants who were administered psilocybin reported feelings of “ego-dissolution,” which linked with a “disintegration” of the salience network, which is involved in detecting and filtering sensory information in the environment.
These individuals also stated that they felt more “connected to nature” and less worried about their egos.

While psilocybin is still banned in many areas of the globe, it has clinical applications in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction. Psilocybin is commonly administered in the form of a pill or tea in a treatment environment, and the effects persist for around 6 hours.

During this period, patients generally experience substantial changes in their thinking and perspective. These modifications can be life-changing in certain situations, leading to long-term improvements in mental health. While additional study is required, psilocybin therapy appears to have considerable potential as a treatment for mental illness.

What Are Magic Mushroom Chocolates?

Because dried mushrooms have an unpleasant flavor, they are frequently blended with herbs and brewed as a tea, or, more commonly, put into a chocolate bar or truffles for a more palatable experience. Magic mushrooms and chocolate have a long and connected history.

The cocoa plant (Theobroma cacao) has long been revered as a sacred food. Its key element, theobromine, stimulates the brain’s creation of ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which is why chocolate is so uplifting and invigorating. Cacao was considered a divine gift by the Aztecs. They would boil the cacao beans into a bitter drink called ‘xocolatl’ for religious rites and vicarious warrior celebrations.

Most chocolate bars on the market contain relatively little cacao, instead relying on highly processed sugar. Some mushroom chocolate bars on the market are just psilocybin mushrooms mixed with highly processed chocolate.

While they are delicious, you won’t get the most out of this combo. If you want to get the most out of chocolate mushrooms, especially for a more spiritual experience, finding high-quality cacao is essential. Psilocybin mushrooms are still classified as a Schedule I narcotic in the United States, so buy and use them at your own risk.

Effects Of Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Chocolate shrooms may appear to be a pleasant and safe way to experiment with magic mushrooms for the first time, but they may be quite strong and overpowering for many users. Mushroom Chocolate Bars is infused with dried magic mushrooms to create this delectable delicacy. The end product is a highly effective psychedelic capable of eliciting intense visual hallucinations, profound introspection, and sensations of bliss. Magic mushroom chocolate is often ingested in tiny dosages, making it ideal for first-time users or those want to avoid a severe experience.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Making your own magic mushroom chocolate bars is simple – only a few ingredients are required, and the taste and dosage may be tailored to your preferences. If you’ve never tried magic mushrooms before, this is an excellent place to start. The chocolate masks the earthy flavor of dried mushrooms and, when combined with the correct components, can improve your psychedelic trip. There are several methods for making mushroom chocolate bars or truffles. This is a simple, reliable recipe that takes into account cacao’s health advantages.

Here’s a list of ingredients and tools you’ll need:

  • Dried magic mushrooms
  • High cocoa (70%+) chocolate
  • Silicone chocolate bar mold
  • Coffee grinder
  • Scale
  • Double boiler

1. Weigh Out & Powder Your Dried Magic Mushrooms

One advantage of eating shroom chocolate is that you can acquire pre-measured quantities of psilocybin. Weigh out how many dry mushrooms you want to add to your recipe based on the dimensions of your mold. If your mold has 24 squares and can accommodate 100 g of chocolate, you may measure 6 g of mushrooms for around 0.25 g per square — excellent for microdosing — or 12 g for 0.5 g per square for a more substantial dosage. Once you’ve decided on the intensity of your shroom chocolate, ground the dried mushrooms in a coffee grinder.

2. Melt Your Chocolate In A Double Boiler

The kind of chocolate you use is critical to the success of your shroom chocolate recipe. Adding some additives to previously processed chocolate will interfere with crystallization and make your shroom chocolates harder to set.

As a result, we recommend that you use high-quality cacao in your recipe. It not only has a great flavor, but it is also high in health advantages. Cacao is high in antioxidants and has been linked to better heart health and cognitive function. If you don’t like the naturally bitter flavor of pure cacao nibs, go for chocolate that has at least 70% cacao. It will have a somewhat sweeter taste profile while still providing numerous cacao benefits.

Measure out the amount of chocolate you’ll need — The finely ground mushrooms won’t contribute much volume to your mixture, so don’t worry about removing too much to account for the dried components. Melt your chocolate slowly in a double boiler, stirring often. Allow the hot chocolate to cool somewhat before adding the dried mushrooms, but not so much that it becomes difficult to pour. Psilocybin can be killed by high heat, making your chocolates less powerful.

3. Combine Your Shrooms & Melted Chocolate

Mix the mushroom powder into the chocolate mixture. Mix thoroughly to ensure that the active components in your chocolate are distributed evenly before pouring them into your molds. Place your chocolate in the fridge or freezer for four hours to set. That’s all there is to it!

How To Dose Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Mushroom chocolate is a tasty and easy way to reap the benefits of mushrooms. However, adequate dose is critical for achieving the intended effect. Starting with one gram of psilocybin mushrooms is an excellent starting point. You can take up to 3 grams for a more powerful experience.

If you’re new to magic mushrooms, it’s essential to proceed with care. Not sure where to begin? Our magic mushroom dose calculator might help you figure out where to start. You may do a few things to make the most of your experience.

First and foremost, you must be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you’re in a safe and familiar environment to assist alleviate any anxiety or uneasiness. Second, relax and allow the experience flow organically, as battling the effects of psychedelics is pointless. Finally, keep in mind that the effects of mushroom chocolate will differ from person to person. As a result, you should be prepared to experiment until you find the dose that works best for you.

Microdosing Mushroom Chocolate Bars: What Is Microdosing & Its Benefits

Microdosing is the practice of ingesting a little amount of psychedelics, usually LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, in order to improve cognitive function and creativity. Microdosing is reported to provide advantages such as enhanced mood, increased attention and concentration, and less anxiety. While under the effect of psychedelics, some users describe improved spiritual insights and revelation.

Microdosing is particularly common among professionals who wish to boost their performance without putting their careers at danger by taking higher dosages that might create more strong psychedelic effects.

Mushrooms have a microdose of roughly 0.2-0.5 grams. These dosages should not make you high; that is not the purpose of microdosing. Microdosing is the practice of consuming a psychoactive drug below the sub-psychoactive threshold in order to encourage a sensation of greater attention, higher mood, and increased creativity over time in order to build healthier lifestyle habits.

Our Favorite Magic Mushroom Chocolates You Can Buy Online

If, like us, you believe that the greatest way to enjoy our beloved fungi is through chocolate, we’ve compiled a list of the best magic mushroom chocolates bar available online. Not all of these companies will ship overseas, and you must be informed with your local regulations to prevent any legal issues.


SERO is a Canadian startup that provides microdosing capsules and macrodosing chocolate bars that are sourced responsibly and manufactured in Canada. Its product portfolio of seven goods is simple to explore and includes a full explanation of the kind of experiences available.

SERO has three chocolate bars:

  • Ceremonial cacao
  • Salted caramel
  • Matcha chocolate

Each chocolate bar includes 3.75 g of psilocybin, which you may easily split into little squares to get the recommended dose. One square is 250 mg (0.25 g) for a microdose; four squares is when you can feel the warm glow of magic mushroom’s effects; and eating the entire bar of chocolate will take you on a full-fledged psychedelic excursion.

We propose SERO’s Ceremonial Cacao Bar if you want to get the advantages of cacao and mushrooms combined. Ceremonial cacao is a kind of cacao bean that is commonly used in religious rituals or intense meditation. The beans are mildly fermented and sun-dried before being ground into a paste.

When ceremonial cacao is ingested, it can cause sensations of exhilaration, tranquility, and spiritual connection. It also purportedly improves mental clarity and concentrate. Many people use ceremonial cacao to aid in meditation and prayer for these reasons. Others utilize it to communicate with the spirit realm. In any event, ceremonial cacao is a potent instrument for both bodily and spiritual healing.


2. Temple Magic Mushroom Choconaut Edibles

For a more velvety and sweet flavor, Temple Choconauts combine high-quality Swiss chocolate with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. These may be better for novices because they have a more appetizing flavor that successfully masks the earthy mushroom flavor. The Golden Teacher mushroom type is popular for its milder hallucinogenic effects.

Each square of chocolate includes 0.5 g of psilocybin. The only drawback to this product is that it is a little pricey and only comes in two or four chocolate pieces. The two-gram dose may be insufficient for most people to obtain a complete psychedelic mushroom experience and is best suited for microdosing.

Temple Magic Mushroom Choconaut Edibles

3. Polka Dot

Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate Bars use Belgian chocolate to create unique tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Smores, and Fruity Pebbles. These will not deliver the same advantages as ceremonial-grade cacao, but they taste delicious and include a significant amount of magic mushrooms. Each bar contains 4 g of psilocybin in 15 easily breakable pieces, allowing you to choose your dose from micro-doses to “god-mode.”

Polka Dot Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Final Thoughts: Magic Mushrooms & Mushroom  Chocolate Bars

Shroom chocolates are one of the most popular types of magic mushroom foods. To enhance the hallucinogenic effects of their magic mushrooms, the ancient Aztecs ingested cacao. Ceremonial cacao is utilized in religious and spiritual ceremonies in many civilizations. It is seen to be a sacred dish that may connect individuals to the divine in various faiths.

Chocolate shrooms are any chocolate food item that has been injected with psilocybin or psilocin. This is sometimes accomplished by incorporating powdered mushrooms or concentrated psilocybin into a pre-made chocolate combination. When used correctly, mushroom chocolates can help people cope with a variety of medical issues. Chocolate shrooms may be purchased online, or you can try making your own batch of hallucinogenic treats.

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