Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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With our mushroom Magic grow kits you grow magic mushrooms easily at home. Our quality growing kits are inoculated with cubensis spores and the mycelium is fully developed. Follow our instructions and in a few weeks you will have your first harvest of Shrooms!. Choose from various kinds of magic mushroom grow kits:

  • Mondo Mushrooms kits, Eays to grow and available in standard and XL size mushroom grow kits
  • FreshMushroom kits, Very easy, ‘no-maintenance’ and high potency
  • Hawaiian Copelandia grow kit. Grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens, the strongest magic mushrooms!
  • Grow kits Without Mycelium: Substrates + Liquid culture only! Add your own spores

All of the mycelium boxes are ready to grow and contain everything you need to get started;

  • Mushroom Grow box with fully developed mycelium
  • Grow or filter bag, to be used as a micro green house
  • Paperclips to close the mushroom grow bag.

We have alot of psilocybe cubensis mushroom strains available and the list is getting bigger every year. Read the Magic mushroom grow kit Instructions for more detailed information.

Magic Mushrooms Grow kit USA

Even among the elder generations, magic mushrooms Grow Kits, often known as magic mushrooms, are well recognized. And many of us have consumed magic mushrooms at some time in our lives. It’s a fun way to trip and hallucinate, and it’s now accessible to buy online.

It is no longer feasible to buy ready-to-eat fresh or dried mushrooms at supermarkets. The Dutch government has placed restrictions on this. The selling of mushroom breeding stock is permitted.

Purchasing a mushroom growkit means that you have all of the supplies needed to grow magic mushrooms at home, such as substrate and spores, in one fell swoop. Everyone can cultivate magic mushrooms with this ready-to-use magic mushroom breeding set.

The effects of magic mushrooms or truffles

Magic mushrooms and truffles come in a variety of shapes and tastes. One is more powerful than the other, which means you must choose wisely when purchasing magic mushrooms. After around 30 minutes, most mushrooms begin to function.

Colors are likely to be more vivid, noises not only sound better, but in certain situations you may even see, and hallucinations may occur. You can watch your plant come to life, feel like you’re becoming one with the chair you’re sitting on, or witness the feelings of your fellow psychonauts, depending on the strength of the magic mushrooms.

A spiritual trip with shrooms?

Shrooms grown with the magic mushroom grow kit might occasionally deliver a spiritual journey. We routinely hear trip reports in which people discuss being more in touch with themselves. Unsolvable issues appear to be quite straightforward to solve. During a mushroom trip, even character issues may be re-imagined and resolved. The now-famous magic mushrooms were utilized specifically for spiritual qualities during shamanic ceremonies.

How do magic mushrooms work?

Unlike other mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms contain psilocybin and/or psilocin. These drugs have the ability to affect consciousness. The active substance is psilocin. This chemical heightens your senses and causes you to trip.

You have a distinctive way of tasting, hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling. This also pertains to how you perceive emotions. Magic mushrooms’ active ingredients enter the brain via the bloodstream. Psilocybin is now also employed as a microdosing agent!

Which mushroom growkit brands do we sell

We offer three brands of mushroom grow kits. Each brand offers many different magic mushrooms. The brands of mushroom growkits that we offer are: McSmart All-In-One growkit Premium growkit FreshMushroom growkit:

McSmart All-In-One grow kits

When it comes to many harvests or flushes, the All-In-One magic mushroom growkits are quite dependable. The directions and growth process are straightforward. You fill the breeding set with water and soak it for up to 40 minutes. Remove any surplus water from the growkit.

Then, gently insert the growkit in the growbag and fill it with 200ml of water. The waiting begins as soon as the bag is closed. This applies to all various types of grow kits and includes additional instructions and a product description.

The Premium grow kits

The Premium growkits are very similar in instructions to those of the All-In-One. Good full harvests, although the third flush is a bit disappointing in terms of harvest. Still great grow kits very reliable and great yields and easy to grow.

100% Mycelium Grow Kit

The Freshmushrooms 100% Mycelium growkits are the most user-friendly. These are the simplest to set up and manage. When the breeding set arrives, place it in the grow bag without water. Fold the growbag tightly around the growkit and leave it there until the first mushrooms develop. See the product description for more detailed and easy instructions.

What are the strongest mushroom grow kits

We provide mushroom growing kits for beginners, amateurs, semi-professionals, and psychonauts! It is simple to grow these grow kits. We provide Mexican, Thai, and Colombian grow kits for beginners. We offer the Ecuador and the Cambodian for the inexperienced.

The potent B+, Mazatapec, and Golden Teacher mushroom breeding sets are ideal for the semi-pro. Experts and psychonauts alike can enjoy the McKennai and Copelandia Hawaiian grow kits. The Copelandia Hawaiian is the most powerful mushroom breeding combination available from us.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Growkit All-In-One is the strongest mushroom growkit

The Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushroom Growkit is our most powerful magic mushroom type. The Copelandia mushroom is five times as potent than typical Cubensis strains! This mushroom growkit is not for the faint of heart! Do not attempt it! Only specialists should use this mushroom strain!

What do you buy when you order a mushroom grow kit?

Do you want to eat magic mushrooms? Then you must cultivate the magical mushrooms yourself now. That is why mushroom grow kits are only available at smartshops. In most circumstances, when you purchase a magic mushroom growkit, you are purchasing a ready-made grow kit. It includes all of the components needed to grow the magical mushrooms.

Anyone can produce magic mushrooms thanks to the easy instructions. And make no mistake, you can produce magic mushrooms several times with a magic mushroom breeding set. You can select magic mushrooms several times if you receive multiple flushes in many circumstances. In most circumstances, your mushroom grow kit will provide four harvests. The amount of the crop varies depending on the mushroom grow kit and mushroom type.

Buy Psilocybin mushrooms grow kits With Us

You may buy medicinal mushrooms in addition to magic mushrooms in the shape of an easy to grow mushroom growkit in our online smartshop. Your magic mushrooms will be ready to use 21 to 26 days after you set up your growkit, and you will be able to have a terrific trip on magic mushrooms.

We will thoroughly inspect and bundle the mushroom grow kits once you place your purchase. We will send you an email with a track and trace link so you can follow the growkit all the way to your front door.