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Hello and welcome to Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada! We provide a large selection of high-quality mushroom kits for sale at low costs. sells a wide range of Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada, including Oyster Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Button Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Mushroom Spawn Plugs, Kombucha Starter, lions mane, and many others.

With these simple kits, you’ll be growing delicious organic gourmet and medicinal mushrooms from the comfort of your own home in no time. To browse our whole assortment, click on the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada category above. Shipping throughout Canada is quick!

Mushroom Grow Kit Magic

Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA’s crew is made up of everyday people like you! The thing about us is that we are quite enthusiastic about spreading the joy of growing mushrooms at home.

We have established a simplified technique for producing psilocybe cubensis throughout the years that has provided us with constant success and trustworthy outcomes. These methods are straightforward and simple to carry out. The most exciting and wonderful aspect of the procedure is now getting to see your small baby mushrooms develop.

When you purchase a magic mushroom grow kit from us, you are not only purchasing all of the ingredients required to do it yourself, but you are also gaining access to an exceptional team of individuals that have a vast expertise in cultivating magic mushrooms. We are available to you at all times to address your questions, comments, and concerns.

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Growing magic mushrooms at home is a rewarding and enjoyable experience (particularly with a grow kit!). Magic Mushroom grow kits USA are practical, simple to use, and a low-risk way to get your feet wet in the world of fungal culture.

If you’re tired with baking sourdough bread and want for a new pandemic distraction, go no further. You’ll be sprouting spores in no time with these mushroom grow kits!

And, sure, ordering these grow kits in Canada is legal. This is because nothing you purchase includes psilocybin. That magic takes place in your home.

If you’re new to cultivating fungus and have done any research online, you’re definitely aware of how much confusing information is there. Each subreddit or YouTube video includes a unique set of tips, methods, and ideas for growing mushrooms.

It can all be very confusing and overwhelming. Magic Mushroom grow kits USA are designed to produce optimum harvests by following easy instructions. We take the stress off of growing up! All of our goods are completely free of contamination.

Buy Your Own Mushroom Grow Kit And Experience The Magic For Yourself

To give you a sense of how different and varied mushrooms are, there are over 200 species in the Psilocybe genus. The look, cultivation needs, and strength of each mushroom strain vary. Psilocybe cubensis is the most well-studied, easy-to-cultivate, and widely distributed species in this genus.

Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA has a large selection of fresh mushroom strains and takes pleasure in having developed a highly polished, top-quality mushroom culture bank. Our growth kits are dependable and well-assembled, from the Ajax to the Golden Teacher to the Thai Pink Buffalo. We care about the success of your magic mushroom-growing kit Canada.

We tried these mushroom growing kits on even the most difficult-to-culture mushrooms, such as Penis envy. Our cultures remain robust, trustworthy, and durable as a result of our significant studies and professional expertise in producing mushrooms. With our mushroom growing kit, even inexperienced growers may enjoy an abundant crop.

Magic Mushroom Growing Kit Canada

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA is a Vancouver and Squamish-based firm that specializes in DIY psilocybin mushroom grow kits.

Psilocybin mushrooms, or Psilocybe Cubensis, are hallucinogenic mushrooms having medical and therapeutic properties.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA is passionate about mushroom cultivation and provides a variety of psilocybin mushroom strains as well as microdose capsules created in-house with other types of mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps.

​About our Magic Mushroom Grow Kit & Products

Our mushroom grow kits are “ready to fruit,” which means they are completely colonized and ready to grow mushrooms when they arrive.

The Original Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA, our most popular kit, is an all-in-one grow bag with all of the required components combined together and completely colonized by mushroom mycelium.

Each kit takes around 8–12 weeks to develop to this point. Our kits take less than 5 minutes to assemble, and mushrooms will begin to grow within a few days.

Other kits on the market require the user to mix or inject ingredients such as a spore syringe, mushroom spawn, bulk substrate, and vermiculite in a sterilized environment, which can be error-prone and prone to contamination.

Because of their simplicity and low danger of contamination, Zoombag’s kits are an excellent alternative for both beginning and experienced mushroom growers.

Why Start With A Mushroom Grow Kit?

It may appear simple to grow mushrooms in pressure cooker rice satchels (Spiderman/Uncle Ben Tek) or on brown rice flour (PF Tek). Even yet, finding and purchasing all of the components required to produce your mushrooms might be difficult.

While gathering all of the individual parts to grow mushrooms may appear trivial, it may necessitate multiple visits to stores that may or may not have what you are looking for. You don’t need to fill your flat with hay bales or grain sacks if you live in an apartment.

In contrast, a kit simplifies the entire procedure. A kit includes everything you need for each grow, including a grow bag with sterilized grains, manure, casing, and all the other components.

You won’t want to cultivate many mushrooms at a time if you’re just getting started with microdosing, so grow kits are ideal–a good number may be produced in a tiny storage container.

If you’re wondering how much you’ll need for a microdosing regimen, have a look at Third Wave’s new and improved Microdosing Course.

The course will lead you through the basics and help you personalize your practice to fit your unique objectives by using a step-by-step science-based procedure.

Where To Buy A Mushroom Growing Kit?

Many companies sell mushroom growing kits, not only for magic mushrooms but also for a variety of edible and medicinal fungi. Keep in mind that various mushrooms have varied requirements—most are quite happy growing on grains as spawn, but for bulk growth, others like compost, straws, and hardwood wood chips.

We have included six vendors that we believe provide some of the top kits on the market. We recommend selecting a kit with comprehensive documentation from a vendor that offers strong assistance and is willing to offer guidance and comments if needed. You might also look for independent evaluations and solicit comments on sites like Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA.

Keep in mind that most firms that offer kits are unable to provide spores. You will need to obtain spores or syringes from another source.