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Buy Magic Mushroom Spores Australia

Many countries consider psilocybin mushroom spores to be illegal. Although you can legally buy magic mushroom spores australia, germinating the spores is still illegal in most countries. If you’re still looking for psilocybin spores, unless you live in the Netherlands, you’ll have to scour the internet or spend some time on online forums. Then, once you’ve purchased them, keep in mind that germination is still illegal.

Is it Legal to Buy Psilocybin Spores?

You might be shocked to find that purchasing psilocybin spores is totally legal in many regions. How? Psilocybin does not exist in mushroom spores! So, because spores do not contain any active hallucinogenic compounds, they are legal to buy and sell in 47 of the 50 states in the United States. In some ways, this is a gap in legal discourse that penalises psilocybin possession, sale, and transit but not spores.

However, not all states have been as lax in their legal rhetoric regarding spores. The state of California has passed legislation prohibiting the sale, transportation, and gifting of spores with the purpose to germinate. However, legitimate researchers and research institutions can legally possess and acquire viable spores. Psilocybin spores are illegal to sell, transport, or possess in Georgia and Idaho.

However, buying spores in the rest of the United States comes with its own set of risks. “Buyers should be aware that buying spores is only for research or education purposes; growing psilocybin is illegal,” says Ophelia Chong. Chong is the founder of Mogu.Care, a supplier of adaptogenic plants, as well as an advisor to DoubleBlind’s mushroom-growing school.

However, you do not have to be a scientist to purchase spores. Chong is referring to purchasing spores for study, research, identification, or other non-germination goals when he says “research or educational purposes.”

People in most places in the United places can lawfully purchase spores as long as they do not germinate. To explain that the spores are not meant for mushroom growing, several dealers state that they are selling them for “educational purposes” or “research and identification purposes.” Instead, they are expected to stay spores.

Magic Mushrooms Spores Aus

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic chemical present in some magic mushrooms in australia, also known as “magic mushroom spores australia.” When magic mushrooms are consumed, the psilocybin in the mushrooms is converted to psilocin in the body, which offers the psychedelic characteristics.

It is a naturally occuring psychedelic present in over 200 distinct varieties of mushrooms, with the quantity of psilocybin being the key determining component.

The most common mushrooms in australia are golden tops, blue meanies (called for their colour), and liberty caps (named after their shape). Magic mushrooms can sometimes appear identical to toxic types to the inexperienced eye, making them perilous to harvest and ingest.

When Magic Mushroom Spores Become Illegal 

While it is legal to purchase spores, germinating them is still prohibited in most areas. psilocybe cubensis, which is prohibited in the United States, is found in both mycelium and fruiting mushrooms.

Law enforcement can lawfully prosecute you with cultivation or possession of a restricted drug as soon as spores begin to develop into mycelium. The possession or sale of fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms is also prohibited.

Some cities in the United States, including Seattle, Detroit, and others, decriminalised the non-commercial cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms beginning in 2020.

As a result, before cultivating, it is critical to know your local regulations. It’s also worth noting that, while some areas have decriminalised magic mushrooms on a municipal level, they remain nationally unlawful.

What about growing your own mushrooms?

Given these facts, it may be easy to cultivate your own magic mushrooms. To be sure, producing fungus can be intimidating for many people: lack of space, time commitment, and expertise can all be hurdles to admission.

However, thanks to pioneers like Oss and Oeric (AKA Terrance and Dennis McKenna), Professor Fanaticus (inventor of the PF Tek), and a fantastic network of experienced growers on Mycotopia and The Shroomery, growing mushrooms is relatively simple in principle.

While most of the necessary components can be purchased at your local supermarket, pharmacy, and hardware store, mushroom grow kits are also readily available.