Magic Mushroom Spores Canada

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Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores Canada

Magic mushroom spores Canada is similar to a plant’s seed, yet it acts completely differently. Instead of a store of nutrients and basic plant components like a tap root and cotyledons (embryonic leaves), a spore has only enough genetic material to start a chain reaction of cell division to build the fungal body (called mycelium).

Spores will only develop and live if they can locate almost ideal growth circumstances – a supply of food, water, and not too much light or heat.

Spores are quite tiny. When it comes to genetic material distribution, fungi favour quantity over quality. A single mushroom can produce billions of spores, the great majority of which fail to locate a suitable site to split and develop.

The key to properly utilizing magic mushroom spores is to provide them with a perfect environment in which to flourish and divide.

What are Magic mushroom spores Canada?

Mushrooms originate as spores, just like all plants do. Spores carry the genetic material necessary to produce diverse mushroom subspecies.

We’re not talking about ordinary shiitake spores for mushroom bisque soup here; we’re talking about psilocybe cubensis spores, the most frequently farmed hallucinogenic mushroom. Spores for other psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms, such as psilocybe cyanescens, can also be obtained. Let’s start with cubensis for a short learning curve.

When spores are inoculated into a media, or injected and absorbed into the host substrate or medium, a network of stringy white branching filaments known as mycelium forms.

Mycelium thrives on substrates such as brown rice flour, coco coir, manure, or other enriched media. Once the substrate has been completely colonized by mycelium in a healthy white concentration, it is incubated with the proper temperature, humidity, and light to allow sales of magic mushrooms to begin growing, or fruiting.

Are Magic Mushroom Spores Legal?

Magic mushroom spores are legal in most parts of the world, however there are certain restrictions. Because cultivation of magic mushrooms is illegal, stores that sell spores only allow them to be used for non-cultivation purposes, such as microscopy and identification studies. To order spores for research purposes, you do not need to be a university or research program.

Some countries are more liberal than others in this regard. Jamaica, Brazil, Samoa, and the British Virgin Islands, for example, all permit the selling of magic mushroom spores for growing purposes. Other countries, such as Canada, do not consider magic mushroom cultivation to be legal, but do not take any action to stop it.

How to Use Magic Mushroom Spores For Sale in Canada

Most countries make it illegal to use magic mushroom spores to cultivate mushrooms, so make sure you’re familiar with local laws before proceeding. It is pretty simple to use magic mushroom spores. Learn how to prepare substrate jars for inoculation by following our growing magic mushrooms instructions.

You’ll need to make a substrate for the mushrooms, which will act as both a framework for the mycelium to grow in and a food supply. There are other possibilities, but the most basic for novices is a mixture of vermiculite and brown rice flour.

After you’ve mixed the substrate, sterilize it to kill any mould or bacterial spores. After that, use a spore syringe to inject a tiny amount of spores straight into the jar (around 0.5 to 1 cc). Seal it up again and set it somewhere warm for the mycelium to colonize.

Syringes can also be used to injectable magic mushroom spores for sale in canada onto an agar plate or into a liquid culture jar. If you’re using spore prints, you may either construct your own syringes or thread a few spores straight into the jars using an inoculation loop.

How to Store Magic Mushroom Spores

If you keep your spores properly, they will last a long time. Syringes have a shelf life of six months at room temperature and 12 to 24 months in the refrigerator.

Spore prints can be maintained alive for more than 10 years if stored in a cold, dark environment and exposed to as little air as possible. Most will arrive wrapped in tinfoil, but if you want to preserve it for an extended period of time, it’s best if you can keep it in an airtight container. You may put them in the fridge if you wish, but it’s not always required.


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