Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits USA

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Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits USA

The simplest approach to cultivate your mushrooms is using Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits USA. Psilocybe Cubensis strains can be grown by anybody. You are totally prepared when you buy from Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA, and your kit will provide you with greater joy than before.

No need for fillers or spores! It is simple and doesn’t take any mycology expertise or experience to grow your own magic mushrooms. If you use a ready-made magic mushroom growing kit, that is.

There are several harvests that may be obtained from a single mushroom kit. On a single trip, you can make several trips to the mushroom farm! So which variety is best for me?

Psilocybe grow kits for the novice mushroom users:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Cambodian
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Mexican

Psilocybe grow kits for the average mushroom user:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Mazatapec
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Ecuador
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit B+

Psilocybe grow kits for the experienced mushroom users:

  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Moby Dick
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit Albino
  • Magic Mushroom Growkit McKennaii

Home Mushroom Kits & Mushroom Spores Online

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits USA is a well-known online retailer of mycology supplies for small-scale or industrial-scale growth. Both professionals and novices may cultivate mushrooms at home with the help of our kits. No other mushroom kits grow like ours do!

With our goods, anybody who wants to get started in this fascinating and rewarding activity may cultivate mushrooms without having to make any guesses.

Visit our website to get whatever you would want for growing gorgeous, tasty mushrooms. Our mushroom growing kits include with spawn sacks, mushroom jars, containers, drying kits, humidifiers, and other cutting-edge tools.

Finally, you can relax knowing that our online mushroom kits have been expertly designed for maximum yields. And with the help of our devoted customer service team, you’ll become an expanding expert in no time!

How to use a magic mushroom grow kit?

  • Remove the grow kit, plastic bag and paperclip from the box Remove the lid from the grow kit (keep lid well) Rinse the lid under running water, you will need it later.
  • Place the grow kit without lid in the plastic supplied bag. Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not need to worry about air circulation.
  • From the moment you see small balls growing, you can put the bag upright. Do not water. The first mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.
  • Place the grow kit in an area with enough daylight and in a temperature of between 18 ° C and 28 ° C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although magic mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 ° C – 23 ° C (that’s 59.0° – F73.4°F in the USA) is ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to guarantee this temperature and not to have to heat the entire room.
  • From this stage, leave the bag a little open all the time, so that the moisture a little can evaporate. Too much moisture is not good. Your first harvest will be about a week after the first bulbs appear. Make sure to harvest before the first spores drop!
  • These sets will produce multiple mushroom crops. To do this, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock and it breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is available for the mushrooms to grow.
  • Place the lid of the grow kit back on the kit. Let the set rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and allow any excess water to drain. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated multiple times.

How to Harvest a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit?

Always use gloves and a mouth mask when collecting psilocybin mushrooms. Grow kits for the Cubensis strain will swiftly provide their first crop. After 7 days, the first caps are already seen.

This development process can be slowed down by both low and high temperatures. The mushrooms typically need an additional 7 days to fully mature when the caps are visible. The precise timing of harvest is crucial!

The moment has arrived to begin harvesting when the membranes under the hats are still closed. You are already too late when the membranes split and the spores fall out.Between 500g and 800g of fresh mushrooms or 50–80g of dried mushrooms may be produced from a 1200cc magic mushroom grow kit.

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Online

If you want to try growing your own mushrooms, simply Magic Mushroom Grow Kits online with us. It’s quick, secure, and simple. We make sure your product gets to you fast and is packaged to guarantee the quality of your grow kit.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA does not operate on a one-day basis. Our suppliers are well-known, and we have sold kits for many years. We hope you enjoy your trip once you have grown your own.

Why Magic Mushroom Grow kits USA?

The subpar basic grow box is no longer available from us! Every mushroom shop sells conventional mushroom kits, however they mostly consist of fillers and have very little mycelium.

A range of grow kits made entirely of 100% mycelium Cubensis strains is now available on the market after 25 years of invention and improvement. No spores, no fillers—just easy-to-use magic mushroom grow kits that are ready to grow. Click here to purchase your magic mushroom growing kit! Our inventory is refilled each week with brand-new, fresh kits.

Excellent quality with each delivery! Read on if you have any queries regarding how to utilize these mushroom kits. Once you’ve made a purchase, we’ll ship it to you as quickly as light. Discover the potential of magic mushrooms grown at home.

Which Magic Mushroom Grow Kits
are For Sale?

We only provide kits from manufacturers with more than 25 years of experience in producing Cubensis strain grow kits for mushrooms with high quantities of active ingredient at Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA Shop.

These grow kits’ psilocybe mushrooms have a higher psilocybin content than grow kits from other brands. For a fantastic grow and vacation experience, only top quality is desired! We only sell the greatest goods on the market right now at the best and most competitive price; we don’t utilize an expensive, flashy website.