Medicinal Mushrooms

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Buy Medicinal Mushrooms online. Use medicinal mushroom extracts to maintain a healthy immune system. They may promote oxygen flow and boost your imagination and mental clarity. Even regulating your blood sugar, reducing your stress, and improving the quality of your sleep. There are few things that medicinal fungi cannot do. Beta glucans, which have been found as anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting compounds, are present in all mushrooms. We have an extensive selection of medicinal mushrooms used for centuries:

  • Lion’s Mane: Focus
  • Reishi: Relax / Sleep
  • Chaga: Power
  • Shiitake: Immunity
  • Maitake: Resistance
  • Cordyceps: Endurance

Medicinal mushrooms can be eaten in the diet, taken in liquid form (drops) or taken as a dried supplement. Buy Medicinal Mushrooms online.