Mondo Grow Kits For Sale

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Mondo Grow Kits For Sale

Mondo Grow Kits For Sale. Mycologists and psilocybin mushroom experts make Mondo grow kits. The Mondo grow kits are available in a wide range and are easy to construct. Mondo is a groundbreaking company that utilizes innovative and cutting-edge organic agricultural methods. They created their special and magnificent psilocybe magic mushroom breeding stock in Amsterdam, the epicenter of the intelligent drug scene. This assortment is vast and of great quality. A Mondo mushroom grow kit consists of Growkits, Spore Syringes, Spore Bottles, and Liquid Cultures for the most advanced psilocybe mushroom farmer. Mondo eschews additives that might alter flavor, but more significantly, can be hazardous to human health. In order to ensure the quality of their various psilocybe magic mushroom growkits, Mondo has opted to exclusively cultivate using biological methods.

Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®

Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by Mondo®. Mondo® magic mushrooms grow kits (previously we called them Standard grow kits) are a real game changers! Growing Magic Mushrooms the Mondo way!

Why choose a Mondo® magic mushroom kits?

  • The Real mushroom cultivation experience
  • Unique Psilocybe cubensis strains !
  • Multiple magic mushroom flushes
  • Bigger fruiting bodies

The Mondo® magic mushroom growing kit is as straightforward as it gets. Just Sink and Grow! After two to three weeks, you will have your first harvest of mushrooms at home. The mycelium included in the mushroom cultivation kits is fully grown and ready to grow. There is no need to add spores!

The Mondo® mushroom kit contains everything you need to start growing :

    • 1x Substrate box with 100% active Mycelium and a top layer of vermiculite
    • 1x Mushroom Grow bag with filter, to create a micro climate
    • 2x clips, to close the grow bag

The Mondo® magic mushroom grow kits have no labels or branding.

Please notice: Mondo grow kits will no longer come with a cardboard box!

All Mondo grow kits will be wrapped in a paper sleeve that contains the grow bag and clips. The firm Mondo guarantees us that their grow kits will arrive undamaged and uncontaminated, so do not be frightened if your kit does not arrive in a box. If you like your kit to be packaged in a carton box, please browse our FreshMushrooms and Getmagic assortments.