Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Buy Mushroom Grain Spawn online. Mushroom Grain Spawn is ideal for inoculating indoor substrates such as straw, coffee grounds, and sawdust supplement. Millet’s minute particle size permits quick mushroom growth on inoculated substrates, making it even easier to produce your own delectable mushrooms. Shiitake Mushroom Grain Spawn Mushroom Grain Spawn. Our mushroom grain spawn is of the second generation, permitting several mycelium expansions. Every Fungi Ally spawn is manufactured year-round in a sterile environment and is of the highest grade pure mushroom mycelium. We provide grain spawn strains for shiitake, blue oyster, yellow oyster, pink oyster, lion’s mane, reishi, and chestnut mushroom cultivation. Due to the large number of orders, shipping may take up to two to three weeks.