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Buy Thermo Heatingmat Online. Cultivate enchanted mushrooms year-round. The thermo mat raises the temperature of the grow kit to 24 degrees Celsius. You may now cultivate throughout the winter, chilly nights, and cold rooms. Buy Thermo Heatingmat Online. This thermo pad, which was originally meant to heat terrariums, has been modified to suit one cubensis magic mushroom grow kit.

Thermo Heating Mat For Sale

A thermo mat is heated by 230 V of electricity. When the heating pad is at maximum capacity, it may reach up to 35 degrees Celsius when touched. A mechanism known as ‘diffusion’ is ubiquitous and diffuses a portion of this heat, therefore a magic mushroom grow kit put on a heating pad will be heated to 24°C. This is the optimal temperature for the fruiting of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. While utilizing a heatmat, you should always check the humidity of your grow kit. Water will evaporate more rapidly!

Which grow kits can be used with a thermo mat?

The active temperature of the thermo mat is 24°C, so you can use all cubensis mushroom grow kits with this thermo mat.

  • Standard Magic Mushroom Grow Kits
  • FreshMushrooms Magic Mushroom Grow Kits
  • Substrate Grow Kit
  • Substrate Kit Xl
  • Homemade cubensis cakes in jars or other containers

When do you need a thermo mat?

The cubensis magic mushroom grow kits produce mushrooms only between 18°C and 29°C. When the temperatures are below 18°C, the mycelium in the magic mushroom grow kit goes into a dormant state. No mushrooms will grow. The use of thermo mats is strongly recommended in:

  • Autumn / Winter
  • Colder regions of the world
  • Cellars / cold growing rooms
  • Fluctuating temperatures (warm in the day/ cold at night)

What do you need?

To use a thermo mat, all you need is:

  • 230 V electricity. If this voltage is not available in your country, you can use a universal power adapter
  • Accessories to elevate the thermo mat from a solid surface and the grow kit

How to use a thermo mat

Using a thermo mat is easy.

1. Place the Thermo Mat on an elevated surface so that air can flow freely under the Thermo Mat. Here are a few tips on how to elevate the thermo mat from a solid surface. You can place the thermo mat on:

  • A pan-coaster
  • Shot glasses
  • Corks

2. Add some space on top of the heating mat to create an extra layer of air between growkit and thermomat.

3. Place the grow kit on top of the heating mat, use the lid if heating is too warm, this will give the kit some extra distance from the heat source. The grow box should be inside the grow bag with micron filter. The thermo mat should not get wet!

4. Plug the power plug in the power socket and that’s it!

Updated Heating at Instructions: How to use the thermo heating mat

The thermo mat can be switched on 24/7 as long as the air can run freely under the thermo mat. This is important because it should not be allowed that the heat builds up in the thermo mat!

Note: The instructions of the Magic Mushroom grow kits mention that the grow kit should be placed back in the carton box. Do not do this when you use the Thermo Mat!