Golden Teacher Mushroom Kit

The golden instructor instructs you on many dimensions and higher atmospheres. It transports you to a higher level of intellect and spirituality. This golden mushroom demonstrates how to trip. It’s a challenging journey. The mushroom is enormous. The mushrooms wear hats that are 2 inches in diameter.

Everything you need to cultivate your own is included in the All-in-One cultivate Kit. Mushrooms of Magic This helps you to develop McSmart’s old familiar quality. Simply add water and follow the directions. The grow kit, a grow bag with air filters, and two paper clips are all included in the All-in-One grow kit.

The grow kit is offered in three sizes: 250cc, 1200cc, and 2100cc. With the 250cc, you can expect to grow 100 grams on average. This is 500 grams for the 1200cc and around 1000 grams for the 2100cc.

Each Growkit has three flight options on average. The first flight is generally the most profitable. When cooled, the kit can be stored for up to 6 months. The kit has a limited shelf life outside of the refrigerator. Have fun cultivating your own Magic Mushrooms!

Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit

Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit first appeared in the late 1980s. The origin is unclear, but the meaning is clear: the caps are golden, and the impact may teach you new viewpoints. Expect multiple flushes – all you need is a little patience.

Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit ‘golden Teacher’: Teaches New Perspectives

Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit, a magical mushroom strain, first appeared on the market in the late 1980s. Its origin and discoverer are unclear, but the reason for its name is evident. The hats are golden in hue and have the ability to give you new viewpoints.

Fresh Mushrooms’ magic mushroom grow kits contain just 1200ml of colonized rye. When the kit comes at your door, it is ready to grow; all you need is a little patience to cultivate your own mushrooms.

Scope Of Delivery:

  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag
  • 2 Paper clips
Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit’ Data Sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Fresh Mushrooms
Strain Golden Teacher

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