Golden Teacher Mushrooms Grow Kit

Golden Teacher Mushrooms Grow Kit is our most popular strain because to its ease of cultivation, quick growth, and high potency. It is a Psilocybe cubensis strain. It is an all-around fantastic magic mushroom that leaves little to be desired. Golden Teachers are extremely powerful mushrooms that may provide a very intense experience.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms Grow Kit offers a more intense journey than, say, the Colombian or the Ecuadorian. The Golden Teacher mushroom is the biggest in the group. They have crowns up to five cm in diameter. It is also appropriate for novices. You really must sample this golden shroom.

Because of its mysterious origin, Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher is a very remarkable fungus. It is a “new” mushroom that was found in the late 1980s. It is the only kind with a substantially larger second flush than the first. The active ingredient concentration of the kit is significantly higher than that of a standard grow kit due to the high quality of the kit.

100% Mycelium Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Produces multiple harvests
  •  Yield:600cc ± 300g, 1200cc ± 600g
  •  Under ideal conditions the grow kit can yield even more.

No need to soak the kit in water for the first flush, you can start growing immediately. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be rewarded with a great yield.


The 100% mycelium grow kit has everything you need to grow your own Mexican magic mushrooms. The pack contains, besides the grow kit, one grow bag with air holes, two paper clips and detailed instructions.

Manufacturer Fresh Mushrooms
Yield 600cc ± 300g, 1200cc ± 600g
Ease of use 5
Visual effect 6
Body effect 5
Brain effect 6
Duration 6 Hours
Species of Magic Mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis


100% mycelium

Shelf Life

The grow kit will keep fresh for 3 to 6 months in the refrigerator.

Fresh Product

This is a fresh product. Please keep in mind that hot weather or delays during shipping might cause them to lose potency or in extreme cases even spoil.

Buy Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Cake

This 1200ml cake is infected with the Golden Teacher psilocybe strain, which is well-known for its ease of cultivation, resistance to relatively high temperatures, and abundance of harvests. The second flush is more numerous than the first, producing mushrooms with long, twisted stems and golden heads, thus the name.

For optimal development, Golden Teacher fructification takes around twenty days at a temperature of 22-24°C and a humidity of 60-80%. To maintain optimal conditions, a heated micro greenhouse is excellent. It is possible to acquire up to 5+ Golden Teacher harvests per cake with correct handling cleanliness and growing settings.

Hallucinogenic Golden Teacher mushrooms, introspective and mental effect

The Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have a medium level of intensity, with consecutive waves that are more or less powerful, mixing a psychedelic and contemplative sense with a visual experience and time distortion. They are named not just for their hue, but also for their potential to facilitate learning about the psychedelic world in order to better understand oneself.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Cake info:

  • Golden Teacher cultivation cake kit
  • 1200ml of fully inoculated substrate
  • Fresh, quality mycelium
  • Up to 6 harvests under optimal conditions
  • First harvest in about 15-20 days

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