Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Shop

With Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Shop You may simply cultivate gorgeous magic mushrooms yourself with our legal magic mushroom grow kits. Our grow kits contain just mycelium. This indicates they are completely matured, therefore they will immediately exhibit “pins” and you will be able to pick your first batch of fresh mushrooms in two weeks.

You may select from a wide range of various grow kits, such as Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian, and Super Gold, or one of no fewer than 12 distinct strains from our Stealthbox collection, or the Copelandia grow kit, with which you can cultivate your own trusty old Hawaiians. Sirius grow kits are the quickest approach to a colorful world.

Step 1: Order your ready-to-use grow kit

Order your Magicbox mushroom grow kits from our online store. Your Magicbox grow kit will be delivered to your home within 1 to 2 working days. The Magicbox grow systems are ready to use right away since they have been entirely colonized by mycelium. The most essential thing is to work as cleanly as possible at all times.

Step 2: Start your Growbox Starting a Growbox is Quite Easy.

After washing your hands, remove the Magicbox from its cardboard package. Underneath the Magicbox lies a plastic bag. Fold it open and fill it with cold tap water. Then put the package in the bag and take off the cover. Fold the bag’s top together and secure it with paperclips. Everything is now ready to be placed in the cardboard holder.

Step 3: Patience is rewarded

The easiest (but for some, the most difficult) step is to wait. The first mushrooms develop 6 days later (at 22-26°C). They’re known as “pinheads.” It’s tempting to open the bag and watch your mushrooms develop, but every time you do, wet air escapes. As a result, keep the bag closed. Patience pays off.

Step 4: The first Magicbox harvest

After 10-14 days, the bag contains a mini-jungle of mushrooms, and the kit is ready for the first harvest. The ideal time is when the veils of the caps begin to lift. If you arrive late, the mushrooms release their spores, forming a black covering on the underlying mushrooms and kit. This isn’t an issue in and of itself, but the spores leave black marks on anything they contact (even clothing!). In extreme situations, the spore layer might get so thick that the subsequent flushes are more difficult to produce.

MOST IMPORTANT: Once again, clean work is critical.Before you begin, always disinfect your work surface and instruments and wash your hands.

Open the bag and take the gear out. Hold the mushrooms between your thumb and fingers, and with a twist, they will fall loose on their own. If the substrate appears, use a sharp knife to chop the mushrooms as short as possible. When a few mushrooms grow significantly quicker than the others, you can harvest them sooner. When harvesting a flush, remove all of the mushrooms that grow on top of the kit, even the tiniest ones.

Step 5:  How to Preserve Muhrooms?

Freshly collected mushrooms can be kept in the fridge for about two weeks in a clean container.However, after the first harvest, you will most likely have many more mushrooms than you can consume in two weeks. You may either throw a party for your pals or dry the mushrooms to use later.

Step 6: Drying

Place the mushrooms on top of a couple sheets of kitchen paper on a shelf or tray. Give them a spot to dry where there will be no sunshine, such as a cupboard with the door ajar. Your mushrooms will be dry enough to store when the stems snap rather than bend. Then they appear like this.

It is preferable to keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dry location. After harvesting, hydrate the Magicbox to prepare for the next flush. After a few days, the mycelium should begin to develop again, and the next mushrooms (pins) should appear after about a week.A Magicbox can be harvested up to 6 times.

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