Polkadot Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Among the several forms of hallucinogenic mushrooms used recreationally and medicinally, Polkadot Magic Mushroom Chocolate are the most popular. Psilocybin, a psychoactive chemical found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, is the major component in our polka dot chocolate bar.

Our proprietary production technique makes these psychotropic chemicals soluble in water, allowing them to be dissolved into a solution before adding organic cacao butter and gently evaporation with a heat pump system.

Polkadot Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Polkadot magic, created by polkadot, is one of the greatest magic mushrooms on the market. This 2 inch dark chocolate bar is produced with 63% cocoa to enhance the flavor of our notorious cacao. Free of caffeine and gluten-free, but overflowing with psilocybin!.

Our polkadot magic chocolate bar is produced with well selected au belgian chocolate, and we have a big selection of psilocybe cubensis that are all handpicked and cultivated from dung, resulting in an incredible magic mushroom.

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