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Buy Amazonian mushroom Spores online or Amazonian mushroom Spores is a typical spore for mushrooms. Amazonian is a huge mushroom that, like many others, is recognized for growing in the Amazon jungle. This Amazonian variety produces mushrooms that are particularly dense and meaty. The bodies of fruits are quite substantial and feature a huge stem.


Buy Amazonian Mushroom Spores Online

Buy Amazonian mushroom Spores online or Amazonian mushroom Spores is known to flourish in the Amazon jungle, as do several other mushroom species. Typically, its substrates are either enriched soils or horse manure. Typically, these mushrooms have hefty fruits with nipped crowns.

As they develop, the diameter of these mushroom spores for sale often varies between one and two inches. These mushrooms may be found in the United States, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Additionally, they are adaptable to a variety of environmental situations. Buy Amazonian mushroom Spores online.

The mushroom spores available for purchase are likewise renowned for their rapid growth. This strain of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms includes both psilocybin and psilocin. These psilocybin spores are also renowned for their unique and unusual forms. The average height of these psilocybe cubensis spores is six inches, but some may reach a height of twelve inches!. Buy Amazonian mushroom Spores online.

The Amazonian/psiilocybe cubensis mushroom is also notable for its intense blue hue and proportionately sized stems and crowns. One of the reasons why these spores of magic mushrooms are so popular is because they operate well in colder temperatures, which is great for researchers who conduct studies throughout the year. These mushroom spores often produce caps that range in color from cinnamon brown to golden brown. The stems are typically a white-yellow tint, although they may become blue upon contact. Buy Amazonian mushroom Spores online.


Our Mushroom Spore kit contains a sterile needle and 10ml of superior Amazonian research solution in a syringe. The only use of mushroom spores is microscopy and taxonomy. The shown photographs are for informative purposes only and come from growers and laboratories outside the United States. The cultivation of cannabis is prohibited in several nations, including the United States.


While analyzing this spore, you should seek for traits that may give you an insight of how it might evolve in nature. When found in the wild, this strain grew rapidly, generated a high yield, and had enormous, broad crowns.

Because plants and animals must do whatever it takes to live in the deep jungle of the Amazon rain forest, when this mushroom grows in the wild, it will grow with sometimes extremely long, thick stems in order to get nutrients and moisture and to disseminate its spores more effectively. Read our articles on microscopy studies to discover more about mushroom reproduction in nature.

Are Amazonian Spore Syringes Safe for Novices?

The Amazon rain forest has the most biodiversity in the world, and it is because of this diversity that this strain has become so contaminant-resistant. As a result, we consider it an excellent beginner spore strain because the spores are unlikely to become contaminated when placed on a microscope slide.

What is included with my Amazonian Psilocybin Mushroom Spore Syringe order?

You will get 100% legitimate Amazonian spores, as with all of our other spore strains; unlike many of our rivals, we guarantee your pleasure by supplying genuine items. We, too, are amateur microscopists who have participated in this activity for many years, therefore we get how important it is for your study that you receive precisely what you requested!

Your purchase will contain a 10ml spore-filled psilocybin spore syringe. There is nothing more disheartening than getting a syringe with more distilled water than spores, which is why we attempt to overdeliver whenever possible. You will also get a free sterile needle from the best site to purchase psilocybe cubensis spores in 2021 to make the distribution of your spores onto a microscope slide simpler and risk-free.

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Our dedication to quality and attentive customer service are unparalleled. We’re here to assist you in acquiring high-quality, viable, and genuine psilocybin mushroom spores, whether you’re seeking for a starter strain like our Amazonian mushroom spores or a popular strain like B+, Golden Teacher, or Fiji Island. Please purchase with assurance for all your online mushroom spores and microscope need!


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