Azurescens Outdoor Growkit


Buy Psilocybe Azurescens magic mushroom kit Online. The Azurescens magic mushroom grow kit is the perfect way to grow your own psilocybe Azurescens mushrooms outdoors. Make a mushroom patch in your garden and cultivate the Azurescens mushrooms year after year. The Psilocybe Azurescens is one the most potent of the tryptamine-bearing mushrooms. One bag of Azurescens spawn contains 70 grams, 280 ml of inoculated substate that is fully colonized by mycelium.


Buy Azurescens Outdoor Growkit Online

Buy Azurescens Outdoor Growkit Online. Why would you purchase a growkit if you have an outdoor location where you can develop gorgeous, perennial psilocybin mushrooms? With this Azurescens Outdoor growkit and few other equipment, it is simple to do. The Azurescens mushroom is one of the world’s most robust species!.

The Psilocybe Cubensis is lighter in color, but much stronger! These magnificent and powerful fungi flourish on wood and dunes. The mycelium of the Azurescens will produce its fruits (magic mushrooms) from the start of November until the end of December on average, with foothills in January. Buy Azurescens Outdoor Growkit Online

Due to their potent effects, these mushrooms are not suited for use as an introduction to magic mushrooms. The Azurescens fungus is ideal for the true psychonaut. All consequences are severe. Realistic hallucinations, Einstein’s innovation, Plato as philosophy, and limitless physical energy!. Buy Azurescens Outdoor Growkit Online

When should you start planting your outdoor grow kit outdoors?

The north of Europe has a much colder climate than the south. For this reason, you can plant the grow kit in the North in the spring (end of March to June) while you only plant it in September to December in the Southern European countries.

Grow Information Azurescens Outdoor Growkit

  • Destination: outdoor
  • Substrate: wood chips
  • Strength: extreme strong
  • Cultivation level: average
  • Planting your growkit: North Europe (March – June) South Spain (September – December)
  • Colonization temperature: 16-24ºC
  • Fructification temperature: around 7ºC
  • Harvest period: October-January

Effects of Azurescens Outdoor Mushrooms

Azurescens magic mushrooms are not suitable for beginners. They are fairly easy to grow but the effects are too strong for those who have never taken psilocybin mushrooms before. The Azurescens Outdoor mushroom is extremely high in visuals, creativity, philosophy and bodyhigh.

How many Azurescens Outdoor Magic Mushrooms should you take?

On average you can starting from the following quantities:

  • Mild trip: 0.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 5 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 15 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 25 grams of fresh magic mushrooms

The 11 step plan for Azurescens outdoor Growkit

The following products are necessary to create a perfect outdoor mushroom field. These are not included with this growkit.


  • A bag of 10 liters with small beech wood chips, size +/- 5mm. these are available at animal and garden stores
  • A brown cardboard box, max depth 15 cm (30 x 30 x 15 cm)
  • A 1 liter plastic container
  • A liter of soil (optional)
  • Grass seeds (optional)


Take a 1 liter plastic container (with lid) and fill it with 2/3 wood chips Now fill the container with boiling water.


Leave the container overnight (Submerged) or 12 hours and then drain the water.


Now wash your hands. Open the growkit and gently break up the mycelium with a clean fork or something similar.


Add the growkit contents to the damp wood chips in the plastic container. Use a clean fork or similar to distribute the mycelium and wood chips evenly.


Once mixed and divided, cover it with a layer of wet cardboard. Plain brown cardboard is best. Place the lid loosely on the container so that the mycelium is protected from dust, but can still breathe. Without air, the mycelium will not grow.


Leave the plastic tray in a clean, dust-free room at room temperature for about a month. space so that the wood chips can be fully inoculated. You will know when it has been fully vaccinated because the contents have turned white. Your substrate is now ready for outdoor use.


Pour the rest of your wood chips into a large bucket or similar and immerse them in boiling water. You can also use a large pan and put it on the stove.


Leave the wood chips in the water overnight stand. When you are done, drain the water.


Wash your hands. Fill your cardboard box with both your wood chips colonized by mycelium and your moist wood chips.


Take a clean fork or similar and mix evenly.


Bury the (open) cardboard box in a shady spot below a shrub or tree. After burying the box, it would be ideal to add a top layer of 1 cm of moist soil with grass seeds on top.


Multiple harvests with the Azurescens Outdoor Growkit

The Azurescens mushrooms can be harvested on average 2 to 3 times a year. Of course there are new mushrooms every year.

Contents Azurescens Outdoor Growkit

The Outdoor Growkit contains 280 ml substrate with 100% active mycelium.

Harvesting your Azurescens Outdoor Mushroom Growkit

Around November, the Azurescens will produce mushrooms from the ground. If the climate is favorable, you can harvest two to three times per year. When the film under the mushroom caps begins to loosen, it is a good indication of when to harvest. When collecting mushrooms, it is essential to hold them gently and draw them upwards, one at a time, while rotating to the left and right.


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