Dark Chocolate Bar


With dark chocolate and no dairy, this magic mushroom-infused chocolate bar is guilt-free, but do not let that deceive you; it is still delicious. Nibble on a few squares for a microdose, or go on for a delightful vacation! Your experience is entirely up to you, but with Shroomiez, you can be confident that you are getting a consistent dose of the greatest magic mushrooms. Do not know how many squares to eat? Use our Dosing Guide to get your ideal dosage!

• 0.33g psilocybin per square
• 4g total psilocybin per bar


Dark Chocolate Bar

At Shroomiez Dark Chocolate Bar, we prioritize quality over anything else. That is why we cultivate our mushrooms in-house in our cutting-edge facility. Knowing what is in your magic mushroom chocolate bar may seem obvious, but without rules, many of the competition is not producing evenly dosed products.

Dark Chocolate Bar leads to inconsistencies in travels and negative experiences. We want to make sure your magical mushroom experience is consistent and dependable, therefore we rigorously oversee every stage of the manufacturing process, from spore to sale.


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