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Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles For Sale Online. Dutch Dragons were initially made to commemorate King’s Day, Holland’s most important national event. These orange dragon truffles are modeled by the potent and wildly famous Dragon’s Dynamite. This implies you may anticipate a complete psychedelic experience with all associated consequences. Not just on King’s Day, but throughout the year!


Buy Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles Online

Buy Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles Online. Dutch Dragons were initially made to commemorate King’s Day, Holland’s most important national event. These orange dragon truffles are modeled by the potent and wildly famous Dragon’s Dynamite. This implies you may anticipate a complete psychedelic experience with all associated consequences. Not just on King’s Day, but throughout the year!

Information Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles for sale

Dutch Dragons magic truffles have the same potency as Dragons Dynamite, which translates to pure hallucinogenic strength! The greatest variations are in appearance and dosage. They were cultivated specifically for the celebrated King’s Day, thus their distinctive orange hue. However, because to their popularity, they will continue to exist. These orange sclerotia are available in 15 gram packets, making them a popular option for less formal social gatherings.

We advise only those with hallucinogenic experience to ride this dragon, given its might and potential. In that case, prepare for the greatest party of your life.

Reasons to choose for Dutch Dragons:

  • You have plenty of experience with higher amounts of psychedelics
  • You want a casual trip, not on a full dose
  • You want to party
  • You are not afraid of dragons

Reasons to choose for other magic truffles:

  • You have no experience with psychedelics
  • You want a bigger dose than 15 grams
  • You want the strongest possible magic truffles
  • You want a personal trip

Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles Strength Chart

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How to use Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles

Start with a dosage that corresponds to your objectives and desired outcomes. We usually recommend beginning slowly, particularly if you are a novice. Continue chewing the truffles until there is virtually nothing left to chew on. Then, chew a little bit longer. This will aid in the release and activation of the active ingredients. You do not need to consume the whole piece at once! 30-45 minutes later, you will begin to feel the benefits. Then, choose whether you want to raise the dosage.

You may always test magical truffles before to usage. First, remove them from the packaging and place them in the cup. Check if the truffles seem “fresh.” Then odor them. If they smell somewhat like nuts with sour notes, they are OK. After that, you might examine their structure by touch. Before they can be crushed, the truffles should be somewhat hard and resistant to being pinched. If you feel as if you are pinching a mushy tomato, the truffles are likely no longer acceptable. If you are still uncertain, you can always submit a picture!

Eye Twisting Perceptions

Dutch Dragons are Psiclocybes that contain the hallucinogenic compound Psilocybin. The fungus truffle is responsible for the journey inside your mind and the many hallucinations it induces. It is among the most powerful kind, second only to Dragon’s dynamite. They are cultivated under tight monitoring and procedures to produce the highest quality product. It is the greatest choice for those attempting a higher dosage.

Effects of Dutch Dragons

Dutch Dragons are ideal for experienced users attempting to overcome tolerance. It is among the most potent varieties and will provide very strong effects. They will provide intense hallucinations, profound ideas, and enlightening worldviews. The psilocybin in mushroom truffles imparts hallucinogenic and sociable qualities, evoking a desire to share with others.

Although you should anticipate rainbows, new colors, extraordinarily brilliant colors, and even heavenly bodies, the effects of Dutch Dragons are often limited to humans. The effects will depend on the user’s metabolism and prior familiarity with truffles. Anticipate the effects within an hour of ingestion.

How to Use Dutch Dragons

Dutch Dragons will behave like mushrooms and truffles when consumed. They work better when someone is yet to eat or has two hours since they last ate. They are taken orally and need to be chewed well for maximum absorption in the stomach. Use water or sugarless tea to deal with the bitter earthy taste and wait for the effects.

The dosage of Dutch Dragons is;

  • Beginner- Beginners are advised to start with as little as 10g and will enjoy all the mild effects of the mushroom truffle
  • Experienced Users-  If you have enough experience with the psychedelic mushroom truffles, use 20g and above to unlock new trip levels

Storage and Caution

If a toddler were to ingest truffles, it may have disastrous results. It demands dedication and discipline. When ingesting mushroom truffles, avoid additional stimulants and alcohol, and have a trip sitter available in case you get overwhelmed. Avoid operating heavy machinery while under the influence, and maintain a cool environment. Refrigerate the unopened products for up to two weeks, and eat the opened ones within a few days. Today, you may order Dutch Dragons from our Hollands High Weebshop.

Occasionally, the vacuum packing is no longer entirely sealed around the goods. The truffles in the seal are rather loose. This has numerous possible reasons. Changes in air pressure and temperature are among the most typical reasons. When this occurs, the package may expand. Fortunately, this does not imply the truffles are no longer edible. However, the quality of truffles may always be evaluated before usage.

McSmart Truffles are cultivated and packaged with the utmost care. Approximately 35% of our truffles are composed of solid ingredients. In contrast, a typical mushroom has around 5 percent solids. The remaining 95% is water! Because of this, our magical truffles have a far longer shelf life than ordinary mushrooms. Due to the fact that we carefully vacuum-package our truffles, we can guarantee a three-month shelf life when properly kept.

Ab Klink, the Dutch minister of health, said, “Research conducted by the NVWA in 2002 revealed that the total psilocin content in samples of the sclerotia of psilocybe tampanensis (truffles) was roughly 0.3%.” Other species of mushrooms analyzed by the VWA in this context had concentrations between 0.5% and 0.9%. This suggests that truffles have a lower concentration of hallucinogenic chemicals than mushrooms. Consequently, there is no risk associated with consuming truffles, and their use was not prohibited by law.

According to the book Addiction by Gable, RS and Jellinek, the physical risks of psychedelic truffles are negligible. Permanent organ damage has not yet been reported anywhere and the toxicity of the active ingredient psilocybin is very low. It is estimated that a lethal dose is at least 1000 times the effective dose (addiction (2004), Gable RS)

RIVM investigated the harmfulness of 19 stimulants and looked at how toxic each substance is, how addictive it is, and what the social damage is (aggression, road safety, absenteeism). Look here for all the extensive reports: https://www.rivm.nl/drugs/risicobeoordelingen. The specific report about Sclerotia can be found here: https://www.rivm.nl/documenten/informatierapport-sclerotia.

There is no danger of addiction while consuming truffles. Due to the potent effects of magic truffles, they are often not used frequently. Consequently, the likelihood of mental dependency or addiction is quite low. The body soon adapts to truffles as well. After repeated usage, you will experience little influence.

With a full stomach, there are two probable responses. The first: the digestion of truffles will have no impact. No damage, just a financial waste! The second is that the effects may take longer to manifest. And if you consumed a second dosage while waiting, you have had an excessive amount of truffles. The effects may be overly intense, causing extreme discomfort. You will have to wait till the symptoms subside. No damage done, but you’ve again spent money… Always wait a minimum of two hours after eating before consuming truffles.

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