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LSD gel tabs provide no greater risk than blotter paper. They both, in fact, contain the same active substance – LSD. The only variation is the vector by which the LSD is delivered to the body. Blotter paper and gel tabs will have the same effect on you if they are dosed similarly.

Gel tabs and blotters may potentially carry three times the amount of LSD as blotters, but most manufacturers keep to the tried-and-true dosing range of 100-150 mcg per square. Gel tabs actually excel in terms of shelf life, which is estimated to be at least double that of regular blotter squares.

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LSD Gel Tabs, also known as LSD and “acid” on the street, is one of the most commonly misused hallucinogens. Hallucinogens affect the user’s experience of reality, time, noises, thoughts, and feelings dramatically. It also causes strong visual hallucinations and mood swings. Lysergic acid, the chemical from which it is generated, is also present in a lethal fungus that develops on moldy rye and other staple cereals.

Other names for it besides acid and LSD Gel Tabs include blotter, tabs, dots, gels, and others. It can appear on the street in as many varied shapes as it has names.

It is most commonly seen as blotter paper that has been soaked in an acid solution and dried. The paper is placed on the tongue and the acid is allowed to absorb into the mouth. The acid can also be “dropped” onto various items that are then consumed, such as sugar cubes and gummy bears.

What are Acid Gel Tabs?

Acid gel tabs, often known as windowpane acid, are a popular and potentially deadly way to absorb LSD. Acid gel tabs are a highly strong kind of acid in which the LSD and alcohol solution is combined with gelatin as a firming agent before being pressed into some sort of mold.

Some people consider the forms of the molds to be a hallmark or tradition, and acid gel tablets usually contain some type of food coloring as well. On the street, they are generally referred to as “blue pyramids” or “yellow sunshine” for blue pyramid and yellow circle forms, respectively.

Acid gel tabs last far longer than ordinary acid-alcohol solutions or blotter acid.  They are frequently dosed with higher levels of LSD, and so they can be much more difficult to handle for those who are not experienced. This can have psychological repercussions down the road for some.

How Are LSD Gel Tabs Made?

Liquid LSD, gelatin, and water are combined to make LSD gel tablets. When gelatin is combined and allowed to set, it hardens somewhat to create a gel. The square is then divided into separate dosages.

The amount of LSD in a gel tab varies substantially depending on the amount of liquid LSD used to form the gel sheet and the size of the squares cut. Gel tabs can retain up to three times the amount of LSD as ordinary blotter paper, however they often contain between 100 and 200 mcg each tab.

Short & Long Term Side-Effects of Taking Acid Gel Tabs

The physical health impacts of consuming acid gel tablets are frequently minor, but the mental and emotional repercussions can be significant. Because acid gel tabs do not build a major chemical dependency like many other medicines, there may be some negative consequences when someone who takes them occasionally, or even often, discontinues use.

When a person takes an acid gel tab, the effects usually start within an hour, with the typical dose lasting around 8 hours and bigger doses lasting 12 hours or more. In the short term, acid gel tablets can have the following effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Altered perception
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Body temperature increases
  • Significant confusion
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Anxiety and extreme paranoia
  • Feelings of leaving their body or projecting
  • Becoming unsure of the current reality
  • Experiencing all matter as merely energy condensed to a slow vibration


Long-term impacts can be as variable and unpredictable as short-term ones. Users may have a higher proportion of unpleasant experiences with acid gel tablets with stronger usage or longer, more regular use of bigger dosages, frequently referred to as “bad trips.”

These unpleasant excursions can cause severe psychological distress in people who go through them. The long-term consequences of taking acid gel tablets are unknown, however they may include:

  • Dangers presented by unpredictable and dangerous flashback events
  • Infection, sexual or otherwise, from large amounts of risky behavior, when using acid gel tabs
  • Tolerance to doses that are taken regularly

Are Acid Gel Tabs Addicting?

Because acid gel tablets do not cause chemical reliance, the effects are mostly psychological in nature. Because every user’s biochemistry is unique, the precise symptoms of withdrawal might vary greatly from person to person.

Another distinction between acid gel tab users is that individuals who misuse acid do not require any serious medical detox treatments. One of the things that leads people to take more and more acid gel tabs, or higher and greater doses, is that they typically develop a tolerance to LSD.

There is also a phenomenon where users of acid gel tabs will not be able to get much if any effect from the LSD if they have taken it for more than two days in a row.

In most cases, they will find that after “tripping” for two consecutive days, on the third day the acid gel tabs don’t seem to work much, if at all. This can lead to using larger and larger doses in order to “break through” and obtain the experience that they want.


How to Get Help if Addicted to Taking Acid Gel Tabs

Many people are able to discover their greatest significant results by following standard recovery approaches such as telling family and friends to assist keep responsibility but also to leverage them for aid if required. If you or someone you care about is addicted to acid gel tablets, reach out to them or realize yourself that there is assistance and support available if it is desired.

Many people are unaware of how vast their support network is until they speak out about their addiction and seek assistance. Some suggestions for maintaining the line in terms of recovery include:

  • When choosing to quit, stick to it. Pick a date, and make it absolute
  • Try some alternatives and distractions, and keep track of what you find success with, so you can expand on it
  • Make it a point to avoid triggering situations or people that might make you want to use acid gel tabs again
  • Know that healing and recovery is not a linear process, and go at your own pace

Working with an expert treatment center that can help you design and maintain an effective tailored plan to help you maintain your sobriety can provide extra benefits. In fact, getting treatment through this manner has been shown to be the most effective and advantageous strategy to ensure a lifetime of good rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one is battling with drug addiction or dependency, it is in the best interest of the individual to seek treatment at an inpatient rehab center.

How Do You Take LSD Gel Tabs?

The most popular approach for people to utilize LSD gel tabs is to keep them under their tongue for around 10 minutes before swallowing whatever is left. You can also consume the tab as is, however this may not give as much efficiency with the dosage as holding the tab under your tongue.

LSD Gel Tabs vs. LSD Blotter Paper: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between LSD gel tabs and LSD blotters (AKA “a tab of acid”) is that gel tabs contain the LSD in a gelatin basis, whereas blotters contain the LSD in a specific type of absorbent paper (called blotter paper). Gel tablets are the latest in LSD administration. They have a longer storage life, can carry more LSD per 1/4 inch square, and work roughly 50% faster than traditional blotters.

Quick Comparison: LSD Blotters vs. LSD Gel Tabs

LSD Gel Tabs LSD Blotters
Cost $10 – $30 per tab $7 – $25 per tab
Potency Can hold up to 500 mcg LSD(Most often contains 100–15 mcg) Can hold up to 200 mcg(Most often contains 100–150 mcg)
Design LSD-infused gelatin Absorbant blotter paper soaked in LSD
Onset Time Effects begin within 15–30 minutes Effects begin within 30–60 minutes
Microdosing Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces Easy to microdose by cutting into smaller pieces

Are LSD Gel Tabs More Powerful Than Blotters?

While the amount of LSD in blotters and gel tabs is the same, the ability to store more LSD makes gel tabs more strong. This is true, however, only if the gel pill contains additional LSD.

The majority of manufacturers will continue to offer the same dose range for gels as they do for blotters. This is because the standard dose is already adequate for the majority of people. It’s not really necessary to make the tabs stronger when it’s just as simple to take two tabs for a higher dose.

Do LSD Gel Tabs Feel The Same as Blotters?

Yes, the active component in both traditional blotter sheets and contemporary gel tablets is the same. LSD is concentrated in both forms. The order of the effects may vary, but the overall experience will be almost same. Gel tabs also tend to act faster than blotters, so you may get a little stronger come-up or peak effect, but most users won’t notice a difference. Furthermore, gel tablets might store more LSD and hence deliver a higher effect profile.

How Much LSD Do Gel Tabs Contain?

The actual amount contained within a single LSD gel pill varies greatly, ranging from 40 micrograms to 500 mcg. The precise dose is determined by the amount of liquid LSD used to form the full gel sheet and the size of the gel tabs. A gel tab’s typical dosage ranges between 100 and 150 micrograms.

Despite the fact that gels may store more LSD per 1/4 inch square, the optimal dose is between 100 and 150 mcg, hence most producers stay within this range. It’s impossible to confirm exactly how much LSD is in your gel tabs unless you have a lab test the tab for you. As such, it’s wise to limit yourself to just one tab when using a new batch for the first time — regardless of how experienced you are with using LSD.

How Long Do LSD Gel Tabs Take to Kick In?

When you use gel tabs, you’ll notice that the benefits take effect a few minutes faster than when you use blotters. LSD gel tablets dissolve quickly beneath the tongue, allowing the LSD to reach your circulation instantly. Blotters take longer since the paper does not disintegrate.

Instead, the active LSD diffuses from the paper into the saliva before passing through the capillaries behind the tongue. In most situations, LSD gel tablets begin to produce effects within 15 to 20 minutes. Some people may experience a lengthier duration of up to an hour, particularly if they ingest the tab rather than allowing it to dissolve.

How Long Do the Effects of LSD Gel Tabs Last?

The average LSD trip lasts 6 to 10 hours, with most users feeling normal within 10 to 12 hours. This timetable applies to LSD gel tablets, blotters, and liquid LSD. LSD gel tablets have a reputation for lasting longer, however there have been no official studies to support this, and anecdotal evidence is equivocal.

Some people note that it lasts longer, while others see no difference at all. There should be no discernible change in trip length if your gel tab includes the same ingredients as a regular blotter. However, with gel tablets containing greater amounts, you should expect the trip to continue longer than usual.

Can You Microdose With LSD Gel Tabs?

Yes, LSD gel tablets may be used to microdose. The procedure is the same as it is with blotter paper. You can cut a single gel tab into as many tiny pieces as you desire using a sharp knife or razor blade. The simplest way to divide the gel tab is to cut it into 9 smaller squares.

What’s the Shelf Life of LSD Gel Tabs?

One of the primary benefits of LSD gel tablets is their lengthy shelf life. The gelatin nature of the tab keeps the LSD safely within, shields it from oxygen, and buffers it from heat and UV radiation.

All three of these aspects contribute to the rapid disintegration of LSD blotters. While it’s uncertain how long LSD gel tabs last, it’s considered to be in the range of 3-6 years if properly preserved. In comparison, blotters are only supposed to be viable for up to three years in storage (typically closer to 1.5 years).

LSD gel tablets, like all other forms of LSD, lose effectiveness with time, especially if not properly preserved. Knowing how to properly store LSD can help you keep its potency for as long as possible. In general, gel tabs should be properly wrapped in tin foil and stored in an airtight container.

Refrigerating the container will increase its shelf life even further. Never expose your LSD to intense heat or direct sunshine for more than a few minutes.

What Are the Alternatives to LSD Gel Tabs? 

LSD is simply one of several medications in the lysergamide family. It is by far the most popular, yet it is not the most powerful. Alternative possibilities are becoming increasingly widespread in the marketplace as more individuals become interested in taking psychedelics for self-growth, healing, and discovery.

LSD substitutes include LSZ, 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, PRO-LAD, and ALD-52. While they are not now widely accessible in gel tab form, we anticipate that all of these compounds will be available in gel tab form in the next years.

Wrapping Up: Are LSD Gel Tabs Safe?

LSD gel tabs provide no greater risk than blotter paper. They both, in fact, contain the same active substance – LSD. The only variation is the vector by which the LSD is delivered to the body.

Blotter paper and gel tabs will have the same effect on you if they are dosed similarly. Gel tabs and blotters may potentially carry three times the amount of LSD as blotters, but most manufacturers keep to the tried-and-true dosing range of 100-150 mcg per square. Gel tabs actually excel in terms of shelf life, which is estimated to be at least double that of regular blotter squares.

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