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Psilocybin mushrooms kit, Are you new to mushroom cultivation? Then order this all-in-one starters grow kit. The magic mushroom starter grow kit contains all the accessories you should need to cultivate your mushrooms in optimum conditions.
Choose from all 1200 cc magic mushroom grow kits.


Buy Magic Mushroom Starter Kit Online

Buy Magic Mushroom Starter kit Online, With this you have everything to take care of your growkit. Magic Mushroom Startkit For Sale. Are you new to mushroom cultivation? Then order this all-in-one starters grow kit. The magic mushroom starter grow kit contains all the accessories you should need to cultivate your mushrooms in optimum conditions.
Choose from all 1200 cc magic mushroom grow kits.

Content :

  • 1x Plant sprayer
  • 1x Scalpel
  • 1x heating mat
  • 1x Mouth Mask
  • 1x Sterile gloves

You can choose one the following Magic Mushroom Grow Kits:

  • Mondo® Grow Kit B+
  • Mondo® Grow Kit Cambodian
  • Mondo® Grow Kit Mexican
  • Mondo® Grow Kit Mazatapec
  • Mondo Grow Kit PES Amazonian
  • Mondo® Grow Kit Golden Teacher
  • Mondo® Grow Kit McKennaii
  • Mondo Grow Kit Treasure Coast

Other products that come with the starters kit:

  • 3x Latex gloves in pair (choose your size: Small, Medium, Large)
  • 1x Thermo Mat with EURO plug
  • 1x Disinfectant Handgel
  • 1x Face Mask
  • 1x Waterspray

* You need to have access to electricity and water.

How to prepare the room and yourself before you begin

  • Close any open windows. Wind or draft may bring microorganisms that can contaminate the Psilocybe cubensis  Magic Mushroom grow kit.
  • When taking out the grow box with the cake from the carton box, put it on a disinfected surface. If this surface would not be clean, micro organisms may attach to the grow box and will flourish inside the Psilocybe cubensis Magic Mushroom grow kit, and will contaminate the grow box.
  • Make sure you work with clean hands and arms. We recommend using surgical gloves or a good disinfectant when handling the kit. You should use a facemask to avoid breathing into the grow bag and on the cake.

How to store your grow kit correctly

It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away. If you decide to start growing later, you may store the grow kit in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 6 weeks. First, wrap the grow kit in a plastic shopping bag and close it well.

Starting the process

  1. Fill the box with fresh, potable water. Close the grow box well and let is soak for 12 hours.
  2. After 12 hours, pour the surplus of water out of the grow box.
  3. Place the grow box inside the grow bag. The open end of the bag should point upwards.
  4. Remove the lid from the grow box. Rinse the lid, and store it in the ziplock bag for later use. Place the ziplockbag with the lid back in the carton box.
  5. Fold the open end of grow bag twice; do not cover the micron filter.
  6. Place the paperclip on the fold, so the bag stays closed. Now the Psilocybe cubensis Magic Mushroom grow kit is ready to grow.
  7. Place the Psilocybe cubensis grow kit inside the carton box, on top of the ziplock with lid.


The ideal temperature is 24°C. Do not have the temperature drop under 18°C and not exceed 29°C. To keep the temperature from dropping under the 18°C, you can use a thermo mat to maintain the ideal temperature. A thermo mat  is a must-have in the winter or colder regions of the world.


The Psilocybe cubensis grow kit requires simply light for the mycelium to “understand” that it has reached the surface. Only then will mushrooms develop. A few hours each day of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunshine is sufficient. Direct sunshine destroys mycelium, therefore keep the grow kit out of direct sunlight.

Water / Misting

The day after you start the process you begin with misting. Open the grow bag by removing the paperclip. Do not spray directly on the cake, but spray one time against every side of the bag. So you mist once a day, four sprays. Misting also vents fresh oxygen inside the bag. Right after misting, close the bag again with the paperclip.


If the conditions are optimal, you can expect the first small mushrooms (the pins) to appear between 5 and 16 days. This also depends on the strain. Some cubensis strains grow slower than others.


The mushrooms come up in groups. This can be a small or large group. That depends on the strain. A growth like this is called a flush. Mushrooms are almost never ripe at the same time. You can get more than one flush out of a kit. The first two flushes are the largest. When more flushes come, they will be smaller than the previous one.

Picking the Mushrooms

Mushrooms are ready to pick when the veil between the cap and stem is just torn. Don’t put it off any longer. Use medical gloves or clean your hands, wrists, and arms thoroughly. Select the ripe mushrooms and leave the rest to grow.

Remove the mushrooms from the cake by holding the base of the mushroom with your thumb and index finger. Slowly spin your hand counterclockwise until the mushroom lets go of your hand. Please do not take the mushrooms away. This might possibly injure or kill the mycelium. When you’ve collected the majority of the larger mushrooms, go ahead and collect the smaller ones and the pins.

Mushrooms that grow from the sides

Mushrooms thrive when there is plenty of light and few barriers to entry. Mushrooms may also sprout on the cake’s illuminated borders. This is difficult to argue against and may be permitted. Some growers use aluminum foil to keep the sides of the grow box dark, although this method is not always effective.

Mushrooms that grow there can be gathered before soaking the kit. Hands that are genuine! With your other hand, remove the grow box from the bag and hold it upside down. Shake the cake jar till it falls into your hands. Place the plastic container on a cleaned surface. This hand may now remove the mushrooms off the cake’s edges. After you’ve collected all of the mushrooms, you can reinstall the cake in its original plastic container and resume the soaking process.

Soaking the grow kit

When all of the mushrooms have been harvested, the next flush kit is assembled. Using cleaned hands or gloves, remove the grow box from the grow bag. Fill the container halfway with clean, potable water. Use the lid of the plastic bag to seal the grow box. Wrap a moist or clean plastic shopping bag around the closed grow box. This should be refrigerated for 12 hours at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. This is known as the soaking process.

The cake is now absorbing water in preparation for its next flush. During the soaking process, the grow bag with micronfilter can be hung upside down to dry. To prevent bacteria from entering, make sure it’s hanging upside down. After each flush, many cultivators prefer to use brand-new, unopened grow bags. After 12 hours, remove the bag containing the grow box from the refrigerator and unpack it.

Next Flush of Mushrooms

To continue, follow the same steps 3 – 7 as before when you started the process for the first time. Several days later, a new flush will appear. You can get at least 2 or 3 flushes out of a Psilocybe cubensis Magic mushroom grow kit. If you are experienced in cultivating, you can get more flushes out of a kit.

The end

If no new mushrooms grow for at least three weeks following the second flush, or if the Psilocybe cubensis Magic Mushroom grow kit becomes green, red, grey, or yellow, the kit can be discarded. This indicates that a new fungus or bacterium has infiltrated the grow kit. The Psilocybe cubensis Magic mushroom grow kit will no longer produce mushrooms and must be discarded outside.

Mushroom Spores Of Magic Mushroom Starter Kit

When it is too late to harvest mushrooms, their spores will be released. The cake and mushrooms will become black/purple due to the spores (other cubensis strains may turn red/brown). This isn’t exactly a problem, but it’s not especially appealing. When mushrooms produce spores, they begin to degrade and lose their active ingredients. Mushrooms lose some of their potency.

Be sensible

Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts. This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.

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Mondo® Grow Kit B+, Mondo® Grow Kit Cambodian, Mondo Grow Kit PES Amazonian, Mondo® Grow Kit Mexican, Mondo® Grow Kit Mazatapec, Mondo® Grow Kit Golden Teacher, Mondo® Grow Kit McKennaii, Mondo Grow Kit Treasure Coast


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