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Magic Mushroom trip Stopper For Sale

Mushroom trip Stopper For Sale. It is always good to have this Mushroom trip Stopper close when tripping on magic mushrooms. Just take the contents of this package in case of a bad trip. The valerian makes you relax and dextrose sugar helps to neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms. Trip stopper, just in case. Feel safe, Trip safe. Magic Mushroom trip Stopper For Sale.


Buy Magic Mushroom trip Stopper Online

Buy Mushroom trip Stopper Online. Trip stopper helps to minimize the effects of your trip. The valerian helps you to relax and the dextrose suger tabs can neutralize the effects of the mushrooms. Buy Magic Mushroom trip Stopper Online.


4 Valerian capsules 2 Dextro tablets


How to use the bad trip stopper ? When you start to feel anxious during a trip:

  • Take the 2 dextro tabs and let them disolve in your mouth slowly.
  • Take the 4 Valerian capsules with a large glass of water.
  • After try to eat something

Sometimes, when mushrooms or magical truffles are used to generate a trip, the experience might be too intense. With a trip stopper, you can make your travel more comfortable. It encourages the disintegration process and contributes to the final end of any undesired journey. If you have a travel stopper, you are well-prepared for your trip. It is helpful to have a trip-prevention gadget within reach, especially when it is one of the first times you will trip. The thought of having a trip-stopper at home is comforting in and of itself. You should not be concerned about a possibly unpleasant or excessively arduous travel. Nonetheless, you possess a trip-stopper. In addition, we suggest always having a trip sitter available. If your trip gets too hectic, this travel buddy will help you unwind. In addition, seasoned users of mushrooms and magical truffles should always have a trip-stopper at home.


In the package of trip stopper you will find 2 different pills. It contains 2 dextrose tablets and 2 valerian capsules. The valerian capsules help you to relax more. The dextrose tablets are there to reduce the effects of your trip.


A trip stopper helps to speed up the breakdown process and removes the sharp edges. This trip stopper only works with magic mushrooms or truffles.


First take the 2 dextrose tablets, then the 4 valerian capsules with a large glass of water. After 10 minutes it is best to eat something savory, such as a sandwich. Now try to stay calm and focus on your breathing and the fact that the trip is coming to an end.

Storage advice

Store this product in a dark cool place such as a kitchen cupboard and out of the reach of children.


Trip Stopper McSmart – 6 tablets.


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