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Order Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online, (Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy) is a one of the strongest psilocybin mushrooms available around the world. The name Penis Envy was given for its phallic features, a thick colourless stem, with an under-developed cap which does not fully open up.

Penis Envy has become world famous for being the strongest Psilocybe Cubensis strain. In commercial settings, Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are the most common, representing about 99% of what’s available for sale. Other species of psilocybin mushrooms grow in the wild but have not been successfully produced commercially. This particular batch is extra-large in size and extremely dense.

Because of the large fruit sizes, we can only package larger quantities of the Penis Envy XL. Most single mushrooms are larger than three grams each. We recommend breaking them apart before consuming. This is one of the strongest strains and is not recommended for first time users in large amounts. Expect break-throughs and a very spiritual experience. It may be used for partying in smaller quantities with a group of friends.


Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online In Canada.

Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online Canada. Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy) is one of the world’s most potent psilocybin mushrooms. The plant was given the name Penis Envy because to its phallic characteristics, which include a thick, colorless stem and a crown that does not completely open.

Penis Envy is renowned as the most potent Psilocybe Cubensis strain in the world. Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are the most prevalent in commercial settings, accounting for around 99 percent of all accessible varieties. Other kinds of psilocybin mushrooms are found in the wild, but they have not been successfully cultivated for commercial use. This specific batch is very huge and dense. Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online Canada

Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online

Due to the size of the fruit, Penis Envy XL may only be packaged in larger quantities. The majority of single mushrooms exceed three grams in weight. We recommend disassembly before to ingestion. Online retailer of Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms.

This is one of the most powerful strains, and novice users should not consume large doses. Anticipate breakthroughs and a very spiritual experience. With a small group of friends, less quantities may be drunk. For sale are the best Penis Envy XL mushrooms in Canada.

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Order Penis Envy XL Mushrooms Online

Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy) are among the most powerful psilocybin mushrooms on the planet. The plant is called Penis Envy because to its phallic traits, which include a thick, colorless stem and an unopened crown. Online purchase of Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy is widely regarded as the world’s most powerful Psilocybe Cubensis strain. Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms are the most common in commercial settings, making up around 99 percent of all available kinds. Other species of psilocybin mushrooms are present in the wild, but they have not been successfully commercially farmed. This particular batch is enormous and dense.

Due to the size of the fruit, Penis Envy XL may only be packaged in larger quantities. The majority of single mushrooms exceed three grams in weight. We recommend disassembly before to ingestion.

This is one of the most powerful strains, and novice users should not consume large doses. Anticipate breakthroughs and a very spiritual experience. With a small group of friends, less quantities may be drunk.

After eating Penis Envy XL mushrooms for 10 to 40 minutes, you will feel heightened exhilaration and excitement. Depending on the dosage, visual enhancements may vary from slight to significant.

The surrounding world will seem more alive, and you may find yourself introspecting. Music and art will seem and feel differently, and you will have a deeper appreciation for them and maybe a more personal connection to them. Normal museum dosage (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should provide 3-6 hours of trip time.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms for sale

The Penis Envy strain of Psilocybe cubensis is the most potent by far. No, it is not available as a mushroom cultivation kit. You may cultivate the most robust mushrooms yourself!

This enhanced Penis Envy culture combines the greatest qualities of the several PE sub strains. The P. Envy is distinguished by its enormous phallus-like mushrooms. This particular PE strain is very robust, thick, and amusing to cultivate!

The First and Penis Envy grow kit!

Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms
A grow kit of fresh penis Envy mushrooms!

According to legends, Terence McKenna and/or Steven Pollock created these strong magic mushrooms using Amazonian strains. Obviously, there is no need to explain why they are named Penis Envy:)

Its mushroom crown has an unusual mutation in the form of a phallus. This unique appearance is produced and maintained by strain selection and making this unique mushroom culture accessible as a grow kit.

This strain is highly special and rather mysterious due to the lack of knowledge around it.

Very High Potency

Penis Envy mushrooms are much more powerful than other cubensis variants. The Envy is one of the rare strains with significantly elevated concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin. We were fortunate enough to feel their power. Mushrooms that enhance the meaning of psychonaut! In one word WOOOW!!:)

Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms

Due to the fact that the Penis Envy is a mutation of the cap, many of its mushrooms are infertile. They lack spore production. Collecting penis envy spores is difficult, and you will need to cultivate a large quantity to fill a spore vial or syringe.

Mycelium-grown Penis Envy cultures are thankfully accessible. This may be accomplished by spores, a mycelium wedge, or a cap fragment. This is the sole method for cultivating this supersayan variety.

Penis Envy magic mushroom grow kit

Penis Envy grow kits are made from this culture. They need optimal conditions to grow. Keep temperature steady on 24-25 degrees Celsius and Humidity high. Within a 2 weeks you will have your first batch of PE Mushrooms. They will not grow in abundance or with many at the same time, but with a few you get a trip that you will never forget.

How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

If you’re wondering how to grow Penis Envy Mushrooms, you’ve come to the right place. Do not be discouraged by a lack of knowledge. We will explain all you need to know to cultivate these renowned fungus successfully. Continue reading to learn how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms properly. We have you covered.


Due to its potency and the weight of their fruiting bodies, Penis Envy Mushrooms are a dream for any magic mushroom cultivator. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to growing Penis Envy Mushrooms.


  • The most significant downside to Penis Envy Mushrooms is that they are one of the most difficult Psilocybe Cubensis varieties to cultivate.
  • Penis Envy Mushrooms also produce extremely few spores, perhaps owing to their morphological qualities. This indicates that just a few Penis Envy Mushrooms are required to gather sufficient spores for a valid spore print or syringe.
  • Because this genetic line has been purposely chosen, Penis Envy Mushrooms are less resistant to contamination. It is quite improbable that this species has survived in the wild, since it normally takes around 25 percent longer for species to invade and establish. Penis Envy Mushrooms have around half the pin rate of other species of magic mushrooms.
  • In addition, they need certain circumstances throughout the incubation phase. Instances of this include the inclusion of a casing layer and a substrate with a greater moisture content.


  • By taking the time to understand how to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms, you will maximize the yield of your substrate. Varieties of Penis Envy often break away from the substrate considerably more easily than other strains. This convenience eliminates the need to destroy the casing or substrate while extracting a huge flush.
Grow penis envy mushrooms

These types may be cultivated on birth cakes, but badly. You should be aware that they are best suited for mass submissions of applications. The growth characteristics of Psilocybe Cubensis are similar to those of any other Psilocybe species, however harvesting may change somewhat. Contrary to other strains, Penis Envy When mushroom tops lose their veil, they are not yet ready to be harvested. After removing the cap from ripe mushrooms, it is recommended to wait three to five days.


Do you need to understand your history to comprehend your future? perhaps not necessarily Note the Penis Envy Mushroom variety! There are a variety of identified Penis Envy Mushroom strains that may be cultivated now, however their origin is unknown. (Again, while abiding by the law and based on your location.) Several mycologists and genetics traders identified and crossed the Penis Envy strain’s culture beginning in the late 1970s with Stephen Pollock. These tests yielded several unique subvariants, such as:

  • Albino Penis Envy (Albino PF x Penis Envy cross)
  • Penis Envy #6 (a mutation)
  • Texas Penis Envy (Texas Orange Caps x Penis Envy cross)
  • Penis Envy Uncut (a mutation)
  • Trans Envy (Transkei x Penis Envy cross)
Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms

It’s crucial to remember that potency among all Penis Envy Mushroom strain varieties is consistently higher than all other Psilocybe Cubensis varieties. Below is a brief description of each:


this particular mushroom has the milky white coloration of the Albino PF variety, and its caps are sometimes tinged dark blue. Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are also smaller than Penis Envy mushrooms on average.


said to be the most potent of all of the Penis Envy varieties, this strain has a couple of unique characteristics. With a distinct physical feature, the Penis Envy Uncut Mushroom Strain has caps that don’t open at all, even late in the fruiting bodies maturity. Additionally, caps are distinctly darker than the regular Penis Envy strain.


A variation isolated by “Spores Lab,” a distributor of mushroom spores. They seem similar to Transkei Magic Mushrooms, with slender yellow-white stems and average-sized caps. In addition, this variety is far weaker than previous Penis Envy variants.

Although the morphological characteristics and strength of each mutation may vary somewhat, Penis Envy strains are often more potent than other P. Cubensis varieties.

Similar to Golden Teachers, Penis Envy variants need longer time to grow and mature than most other strains, resulting in a higher psilocybin concentration. Certain Penis Envy variations are two to three times as effective as other strains, therefore it is essential to know which strain you are growing.


As with any growth process, the key to a positive experience is to appreciate each phase without expecting a precise timeframe. However, with enough planning and knowledge, you should be able to cultivate Penis Envy Mushrooms within two months. Due to the fact that everything depends on Mother Nature, there is no exact schedule for cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms, however the following is an approximation:

  • Week 1: Spore inoculation to spore germination.
  • Week 2: Spore germination or inoculation to complete colonization of the substrate or cake.
  • Week 2 to 4: The start of the fruiting cycle, which can then take about two more weeks.
  • Week 4 to 6: Once the substrate or cakes turn a blue color, the mushroom fruiting is complete.

From inoculation until fruiting, psilocybin mushroom spores undergo a four- to six-week growth cycle. Remember that the quality and yield of the final mushrooms depend on how well you monitored and controlled the temperature and humidity of the growing space. You should have been attentive about insects and other contaminants as well.

You will be successful if you have growing experience and an innate awareness of the biological cycles of mushrooms. These are crucial factors for mushroom development. Clearly, competence is not necessary for success. Once you have an understanding of the foundations of a mushroom’s life cycle and its needs, you may create a cultivation timetable for Penis Envy Mushrooms.


You will find, when you learn how to produce Penis Envy Mushrooms, that high-quality spore prints may be utilized for inoculation. This word refers to the powdery deposit that Penis Envy spores leave behind when they settle on a surface.

The difficulty of gathering Penis Envy variations and their spores is a significant obstacle. Les Penis Envy Mushrooms produce spores at a rate of less than five percent on average, restricting their availability. Growers may also collect spores by swabbing the gills of the mushrooms with a sterile Q-tip. After collecting or purchasing spores, the subsequent step in learning how to produce Penis Envy Mushrooms is to germinate them.

Penis Envy Mushrooms



Fold and rub Penis Envy Mushrooms spore-printed paper together. This action caused the spores to fall onto nutrient-rich agar substrate. (This approach is not optimal since dense populations of mushroom spores are often packed together, resulting in suboptimal outcomes.) As with tissue/agar cloning, the ideal method for germinating Penis Envy Mushrooms spores from a print is in a glove box on nutrified agar plates. Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online Canada


  • Sterilize a scalpel by passing it through a burning flame, then cooling it in the nutrified agar. This way the scalpel gets covered with a moist and adhesive layer for better Penis Envy mushrooms spores attachment.
  • Touch the spore print with the scalpel tip to collect the plentiful mushroom spores.
  • Streak the tip into an “S” pattern across the surface of the petri dish.
  • 5 to 15 days later, your spores (should) germinate according to the streaking pattern.
  • Colonies of germinating spores can then be subcultured into more Petri dishes.


Cultivators can also use Penis Envy Mushrooms spores stored in solutions suspended in syringes and vials. These are where the spores are re-hydrated using sterile water and then used to inoculate the growing medium.

  • Start out by sterilizing your water and glass beaker, cover with foil.
  • Place the bottle in your pressure cooker and heat it until it reaches 15psi. Once it reaches the desired pressure, lower the temperature and maintain it for 30 minutes.
  • After the 30 minutes, turn off the heat completely and allow the water to cool to room temperature. If the water is still hot, there is a huge risk of killing the spores. It’s easiest to let the water sit overnight.
  • Once the water is cool (usually a few hours if not left overnight), sterilize the tweezers and scalpel in a flame.
  • Remove the foil, and with your tweezers, take the spore print from its storage and hold it over the opening of the beaker.
  • With the scalpel in hand, carefully scrape some of the spores into the water.
  • Fill the syringes instantly by placing the tip of the syringe in the water and pulling it to fill it up. It’s best to empty the syringe back into the beaker and repeat this process a couple of times. (This ensures a good spread of spores throughout the water.)
  • Now that you have a filled syringe, leave it at room temperature for 2 to 3 days to fully hydrate the Penis Envy Mushrooms spores.

The advantage of a Penis Envy Mushrooms spore syringe is a higher chance of the spores germinating by using the water to inoculate your chosen substrate. Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online Canada


After learning how to produce Penis Envy Mushrooms using collected or purchased spores, the next step is inoculation. Here, the Penis Envy spores will be transferred to the chosen substrate in an attempt to grow thriving mycelium. Online purchase of Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms

Lacking chlorophyll, Penis Envy spores do not need light for photosynthesis. To get the nutrients required for germination, they consume decaying organic waste such as leaves and animals. As unique substrates are required for the development of each mushroom species, the optimal substrate is dictated by the species. Examples of acceptable substrate materials include sawdust, straw, wooden plugs, and whole grains.

Although Penis Envy mushrooms may be grown (though ineffectively) on birthing cakes, they are most effective when applied in bulk.

The spawn is produced by mixing the spores of Penis Envy Mushrooms with the nutrients provided by appropriate material; it is necessary for the growth of the mycelium. Mycelium is the fungus from which mushroom fruiting structures originate.

When spawn is coupled with a substrate, fruiting may be more vigorous and mushroom production may be greater. Penis Envy fungi mature and produce fruit at a slower rate than other members of their genus. This unique characteristic also allows the Penis Envy fruiting bodies to release more psilocybin than faster-growing strains.

In addition, Penis Envy variations are often simpler to remove from the substrate than other strains. This feature removes the need to damage the casing or substrate in order to extract a massive flush. Penis Envy Mushrooms have the same growth characteristics as other P. Cubensis strains; however, harvesting may vary somewhat.

How? Contrary to other strains, the tearing of the veil on the Penis Envy mushroom cap does not indicate that they are ready to be harvested. Instead, it is recommended to wait between three and five days after ripping the veil before harvesting.


By using a psilocybin grow kit for cultivation, you may essentially eliminate all the previously outlined options and steps. To develop Penis Envy Mushrooms, you just need a mycelium substrate and a suitable environment.

From the mycelium, edible mushroom fruiting bodies form. Due to the fact that growing kits include mycelium and a grow box, the process is simplified and made easier. There is nothing missing, and growth is feasible even without spores. Typical components of a Penis Envy Mushrooms grow kit include a substrate with live mycelium, a transparent grow bag with an air filter, and two paper clips.

The transformation of mushroom spores into mycelium has already happened in a sterile laboratory, therefore using a psilocybin grow kit is advantageous. The mycelium is in a latent stage and has not yet formed mushrooms due to the kit’s cold temperature.

When employing growth kits, there is still the danger of contamination, instability, and even counterfeit items. A reputable and well-known source of Penis Envy Mushrooms grow kits and spores (see our shop for more information) is your best bet for a successful harvest. Online purchase of Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms.  Buy Penis Envy XL Magic Mushrooms online Canada

Regardless of the method you choose to learn how to produce Penis Envy Mushrooms, you must admire the wonderful process that unfolds in front of your eyes! What more ways might you enjoy it?

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