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As scientists learn more about their extraordinary healing qualities, enchanted mushrooms have been making headlines on a regular basis. The FDA has labeled them a “breakthrough” medicine for treating depression, and as a consequence, rules against magic mushrooms are progressively easing. Suddenly, everyone is discussing magic mushrooms, and more people than ever are interested in trying them.

This is why we have compiled a list of ten real reasons for why individuals use magic mushrooms, ranging from healing to spiritual awakening to enhancing creativity.

# 1 – They’re Physically Safe

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Order Psilocybe Mexicana Mushroom for sale

Magic mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs available; they are gentle on the body and neither physically nor mentally addicted. For the majority of individuals, magic mushrooms have no long-term adverse health impacts.


According to the 2017 Global Substance Survey, just 0.2% of mushroom users needed medical help, making them the safest drug surveyed. Marijuana ranked second, with 0.6% of users requesting medical guidance, followed by LSD, with 1% of users requiring assistance. Alcohol posed the greatest threat of an emergency room visit.

#2 – They Open Your Mind

Open minded when consume magic muchroom

It seems like a cliché to suggest that psychedelics expand the mind, but according to many recent studies, magic mushrooms accomplish precisely that. Using brain scans, scientists have shown that psilocybin, the primary active element in magic mushrooms, significantly alters brain function.


Psilocybin operates on serotonin and neurotransmitters to inhibit our habitual, often banal, repeated cognitive processes. In other words, psilocybin facilitates greater communication across all brain regions by facilitating the opening of diverse communication routes.

#3 – They Can Help You Be Creative

Creativity is good for you

Preliminary research indicates that microdosing may enhance creativity. For generations, singers, painters, and even scientists have attributed their creative inspiration to psychedelics. Mushrooms enable you to think outside of the box and push your imagination to a higher level.

A 2021 research indicated that when under the effect, it was difficult for users to act on their innovative thoughts and ideas. A week later, participants indicated that their creative impulses persisted throughout the week, and it was only then that they had the clarity to act on them.

# 4 – They Make You More Empathetic

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Psilocybin promotes emotional empathy and helps you feel more connected to others, according to all studies examining the association between magic mushrooms and greater empathy.


The findings also indicate that the rise in empathy is not limited to the duration of the trip; individuals felt more compassionate a week afterwards. One investigation indicated that empathy is more beneficial for society, and that magic mushrooms enhance prosocial behavior.

# 5 – They Can Help with Some Mental Health Conditions

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Regarding the efficacy of psilocybin in treating mental health issues, the findings have been remarkable. Terminal patients may benefit from psychedelic therapy for PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and end-of-life anxiety. Since the FDA designated psilocybin as a breakthrough medicine for the treatment of mental health disorders, psilocybin therapy is becoming increasingly accessible in Europe and the United States.

# 6 – They Make You Feel More Connected to Yourself and the Universe

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The majority of mushroom users often describe experiencing a profound spiritual or mystical experience. A mystical experience encompasses the death of the ego, the disintegration of space and time, transcendent or interrelated sensations, and internal and exterior unification.

In other words, they facilitate altered states of consciousness and a sense of belonging to something far larger. Mystical experiences may be transforming and provide you with a new purpose and meaning in life.

# 7 – They Can Help You Overcome Addictions

Mushrooms as Medicine

In a 2016 research, scientists investigated if psilocybin may assist individuals in overcoming tobacco addiction. Eighty percent of the cohort stopped smoking, and twelve months later, 67 percent of the non-smokers stayed. In addition, there is evidence that mushrooms may aid with alcohol and drug addiction.

#8 – Even The Bad Trips Are Good

Psychedelic Movies

There is no such thing as a terrible journey, just tough ones, since, really, we can learn a great deal from them. The proverb “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is applicable here. Increasing numbers of individuals use magic mushrooms for self-improvement, and it turns out that terrible trips might yield the most significant insights.


It is possible that a terrible trip is your subconscious mind attempting to communicate with you, but a bad trip may also occur if you did not consider setting and scene before to embarking on your journey.

# 9 – They Boost Your Mood and Outlook

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Psilocybin acts on our serotonin receptors, which assist control our mood and maintain our equilibrium. Mushrooms may help you cope with stress more effectively and offer you a more positive attitude on life. Many individuals utilize microdosing to regulate their emotions.

# 10 – They Can Help You Make Positive Changes in Your Life

Modern day Shamanism

It is evident from this list that magic mushrooms provide you with all the tools you need to create great changes in your life. They let you to take a step back and think, making your brain more adaptable, and may even assist you in discovering a greater purpose.

. Whether it’s being more creative and imaginative, conquering addictions, or being more empathic towards others, magic mushrooms make you more attentive, making it simpler to make good life changes.

Note: If you’re suffering from a mental disease and are wondering about utilizing psilocybin or any other psychedelic treatment, please see one of the proper medical authorities first. Do not self-prescribe, it’s crucial to have the correct assistance and direction while utilizing psychedelics as medication.

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