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Do you want to grow your own magic mushrooms? Then, make sure to begin your next grow with clean, dependable Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes. Psilocybe cubensis spores are available at Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA in a range of clean, sealed, and easy-to-use spore syringes.

All of our magic mushroom spore syringes are packaged and produced in a sterile laboratory environment, so you can be confident that your next harvest will be excellent. Browse our entire range of spore syringes below and get yours today to take advantage of our quick, low-cost, and discreet shipping service.

Buy Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes

When growing magic mushrooms at home, you will eventually need to inoculate something. You’ll need to add spores to your agar, sugar solution, or PF tek cake at some stage. A syringe is frequently the ideal tool for the job. We sell a variety of high-quality magic mushroom spore syringes here at Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA.

What Is A Mushroom Spore Syringe?

A spore syringe is a magical mushroom spore print that has been pre-loaded into a solution within a syringe. The spores are activated by being in this solution and can be used immediately for inoculation or kept in the refrigerator.

Advantages Of Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes

If you’re growing magic mushrooms from scratch, you’ll almost certainly need to utilize a spore syringe for inoculation at some time. You run the danger of contaminating the spores and damaging the grow before it even starts if you produce them yourself. Because our spore syringes are completely sterile, your grow may get started to a clean and healthy start.

Why Buy Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes With Us?

There are several reasons to purchase Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA’s magic mushroom spore injections. Our spore prints are not only sterile, but they also contain the best grade magic mushroom spores, ensuring that you receive the greatest quality magic mushrooms. We ship quickly and discreetly, and we provide excellent customer care if anything goes wrong with your order.

Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe: Faq

How long do mushroom spore syringes last?

Magic mushroom spore syringes can last up to 6 months if stored in the refrigerator.

How to make liquid culture from spore syringe?

Add the spores to a sugar solution. The mycelium will then begin to develop suspended in this solution. It will develop as multiple spore (MS) culture.

How to store mushroom spore syringes?

In the fridge, at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C.

How to make mushroom spore syringes?

To make your own magic mushroom spore syringe, use a clean razor blade to scrape spores into a clean shot glass. Then, fill this glass with cool, sterile water. Mix it around and pull it into a sterile syringe. Leave it for 12–24 hours to activate the spores.

 Can you freeze mushroom spore syringes?

No, this will destroy the spores and potentially break the syringe too.

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What to know before buying magic mushroom spores

So you’ve just returned from your most recent mushroom excursion with a fresh perspective and sense of purpose in life. Getting additional mushrooms to keep the good vibes going with a microdose regimen or the odd cup of mushroom tea is proving difficult.

Your buddy of a friend is simply too untrustworthy, and the person from whom you obtained caps and stems at the Phish show is now gone. Or perhaps you just cannot afford to continue purchasing shrooms at whatever price they are in your region.

If you’re ready to take the next step in gratifying your magical mushroom curiosity and opt to cultivate your own, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an explanation of the very first stage in mushroom cultivation: collecting spores.

What are Psychedelic Mushroom Spores?

Mushrooms originate as spores, just like all plants do. Spores contain the genetic material necessary to produce diverse mushroom subspecies. We’re not talking about ordinary shiitake spores for mushroom bisque soup here; we’re talking about psilocybe cubensis spores, the most frequently farmed hallucinogenic mushroom. Spores for other psilocybin mushrooms, such as psilocybe cyanescens, can also be obtained. Let’s start with cubensis for a short learning curve.

When spores are inoculated into a media, or injected and absorbed into the host substrate or medium, a network of stringy white branching filaments known as mycelium forms. Mycelium thrives on substrates such as brown rice flour, coco coir, manure, or other enriched media. Once the substrate has been completely colonized with mycelium in a healthy white concentration, it is incubated with the right temperature, humidity, and light to allow mushrooms to begin developing, or fruiting.

What is a spore print?

Spores develop in the gills of a mushroom and shoot out or fall from a fully mature mushroom that has already fruited. Cultivators can make spore prints from the gills of fresh mushrooms by placing a sheet of plastic, paper, or foil beneath the mushroom cap. Over the course of several hours the residue that constitutes the spore print should be visible.


What are spore syringes?

Spore prints are inserted in spore syringes to ensure proper delivery into a substrate for colonization and germination. These syringes are made of sterilized water and mushroom spores from a specific species. Vendors make these spore solutions and syringes in a sanitized lab to avoid contamination.

Syringes are generally 10cc (or 10mL) in size. To accomplish appropriate colonization, an average of 2-4cc of spore solution is normally required. It is advised that the average injection volume of 2-4cc not be exceeded in order to minimize excess moisture within substrate containers, which might lead to irreversible mold growth. If properly preserved and sterilized, any spore solution left over can be utilized on further substrates.

Vendors of spores will also provide a sterile needle attachment that may be attached to a syringe and used to inject or inoculate the spores directly into the substrate. Even though these needles are sent sterile, always re-sterilize them before use, as with most mushroom cultivation methods.

Possession of psilocybin is prohibited in the United States. Psilocybin is not found in spores, but it develops later as the mushroom grows. As a result, the legality of shipping and holding spores that will transform into psychoactive mushrooms is murky.

Spore merchants commonly ship to 47 of the 50 US states—California, Idaho, and Georgia currently have laws in place that prohibit the sale of spores, despite the fact that they do not contain psilocybin. Check the laws of your individual state.

Trusted merchants frequently offer spores strictly for educational reasons and seldom sell cultures to buyers under the age of 18.

How and where to buy magic mushroom spores, for example, has multiple discussion threads from a global community of mushroom producers. We cannot directly endorse any organization, but we do encourage conducting research—the most reliable companies have been in business for a number of years, thanks to established techniques, trusted goods, and excellent customer service. If you have any queries or issues, don’t be afraid to contact a specific vendor by email or phone.

How much do Shroom Spore Syringes cost?

Expect to spend between $18 and $25 each spore syringe, not counting delivery. Many sellers provide bundle savings for numerous syringes of the same subspecies or mix-and-match alternatives for individuals looking to cultivate a diverse range of subspecies.

Spore syringes may be obtained online from a reputable source using a credit or debit card. For discretion, some sellers offer digital payments via Cashapp, Applepay, and Bitcoin, whilst others are more traditional in their payment processes and demand a phone call or cash (yes, CASH) to place purchases.

How are spore syringes packaged and shipped?

Spore syringes are often shipped in plastic ziplock bags and within simple cardboard boxes by USPS or carriers such as UPS.

Most spore sellers follow common sense rules, which means no recognizable information indicating what the package includes will be displayed. For further secrecy, several spore firms utilize other shipping names for themselves on the label. Check your local regulations before ordering, and check discretionary shipping policies and package contents with your merchant.

How do I store Spore Syringes?

Refrigerate spore syringes until ready to use, especially if you are not inoculating immediately or have any spores left over after an inoculation. They should be stored in the fridge in a clean and sanitary Ziplock bag for the longest possible period. This procedure keeps syringes away from airborne pollutants and humidity variations that might harm spores.

There is substantial debate over how long properly preserved and clean spore syringes may be used successfully. Some mycologists assume that any spores maintained beyond six months will disintegrate. Others claim to have successfully sprouted shrooms from spores that were several years to decades old! It all depends on how many mushrooms you want to grow at once, the sterilizing and storage procedures you choose, and the quality of the spore genetics involved. However, the best method to maximize your investment is to inoculate as soon as possible, ideally within six months.

What Subspecies of Mushrooms Should I Grow?

Many subspecies of hallucinogenic mushrooms will almost grow themselves in a sterile environment with optimal temperature and humidity.

Start with a cubensis subspecies like B+, Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, Ecuadorian, Amazonian, or Cambodian spores for a safe bet. Both the mycelium in the substrate and the fruiting bodies develop quickly and aggressively. These subspecies are frequently more tolerant to modest temperature, humidity, and habitat changes.

Can I make my own Spore Syringes?

Many seasoned growers produce their own spore prints and syringes. However, if you are new to mushroom culture, we recommend that you first learn the fundamentals of mushroom growth. Once you’ve mastered the procedure and checked your local laws, move on to the next step by creating your own prints and syringes.

The spore printing method, like mushroom growing in general, is primarily reliant on sterilizing processes that work.

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