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Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores (Canada, USA, Europe)

There is no question that magic mushrooms are prohibited in the majority of the world (at least for the time being). However, the spores of these mushrooms are frequently exempt from these rules. This is due to the fact that the prohibited drug is not the mushrooms themselves, but rather the active components psilocybin and psilocin. Magic mushrooms are seen as a “container” for these hallucinogenic chemicals, making them unlawful by implication.

Because the spores do not include any of these elements, they are available in a legal limbo. Many nations, including Canada, the United States (with the exception of three states), the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, allow you to legally order magic mushroom spores. However, after the spores germinate, the mycelium and mushrooms they create are unlawful.

What is a Magic Mushroom Spore?

A spore is similar to a plant seed, yet it operates completely differently. Instead of a food store and foundational plant components like a tap root and cotyledons (embryonic leaves), a spore has only enough genetic material to start a chain reaction of cell division that forms the fungal body (called mycelium).

Spores will only develop and live if they can locate almost ideal growth circumstances — a source of food, water, and not too much light or heat — since they lack a stored energy source like a seed.

Spores are quite tiny. When it comes to genetic material distribution, fungi prefer quantity above quality. A single mushroom can produce billions of spores, the great majority of which fail to locate a suitable location to split and develop. The key to effectively employing magic mushroom spores is to provide them with an optimal habitat in which to flourish and divide.

Magic mushroom spores are legal in most parts of the world, however there are certain restrictions. Because growing of magic mushrooms is prohibited, stores who sell spores only allow them to be used for non-cultivation reasons, such as microscopy and identification research. To order spores for research purposes, you do not need to be a university or research program.

Some countries are more liberal than others in this regard. Jamaica, Brazil, Samoa, and the British Virgin Islands, for example, all permit the selling of magic mushroom spores for growing purposes. Other nations, such as Canada, do not consider magic mushroom production to be lawful, but do not take any action to stop it.

How Much Do Magic Mushroom Spores Cost?

The cost of magic mushroom spores is usually around $18–$30 per 10 mL syringe (USD). This works out to around £12–£18, €15–€25, or $20–36 CAD. The more common spores are usually the cheapest — such as Golden Teachers, Koh Samui, or B+ Cubensis.

More rare strains can be more expensive — such as Panaeolus cyanescens strains, Xico, or Albino Penis Envy. A single 10 mL syringe should be able to innoculate anywhere from 10 to 40 half-pint (8 oz) jars.

How to Use Magic Mushroom Spores

Most nations declare it illegal to utilize magic mushroom spores to produce mushrooms, so make sure you’re aware with local regulations before proceeding.

It is pretty simple to use magic mushroom spores. Learn how to prepare substrate jars for inoculation by following our growing magic mushrooms instructions.

You’ll need to make a substrate for the mushrooms, which will act as both a framework for the mycelium to grow in and a food supply. There are other possibilities, but the most basic for novices is a mixture of vermiculite and brown rice flour.

After you’ve combined the substrate, sterilize it to destroy any mold or bacterial spores. After that, use a spore syringe to inject a tiny amount of spores straight into the jar (around 0.5 to 1 cc). Seal it up again and set it somewhere warm for the mycelium to colonize.

Syringes can also be used to inject spores onto an agar plate or into a liquid culture jar. If you’re using spore prints, you may either construct your own syringes or thread a few spores straight into the jars using an inoculation loop.


Spore Syringes vs. Spore Prints

When shopping for magic mushrooms, you can buy two main types of spores — spore syringes and spore prints.

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Magic Mushroom Spore Prints

A spore print is created by leaving a mushroom cap on a surface with the gill side down for a few hours. The spores will fall from the cap onto the surface, creating a visible print that resembles the mushroom’s gill pattern. Spore prints are extremely durable and provide excellent value for money. They are slightly more difficult to use than syringes for beginning mushroom producers.

The Pros & Cons of Spore Prints

The most cost-effective spore products
Easy to make yourself at home from old stock
Lasts a very long time (more than ten years if stored properly)
More suitable for experienced growers
Higher chance of contamination

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Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes

Because of how simple they are to use, spore syringes are the most popular product among both rookie and experienced growers. To begin, a spore print is created. The spores are then placed in a distilled water solution. The syringe is then used to suck out the water as well as the spores.

Syringes are simple to use since they allow you to inject your jars directly without the need for spore print scrapings. The less mucking about you do, the less likely you are to encounter contamination difficulties.

The Pros & Cons of Spore Syringes

Easy to use
Reduces the risk of contamination
Widely available in many different strains
Stores for a long time in the fridge
Not as cost-effective as prints
Low-quality vendors may sell contaminated syringes
It won’t innoculate as many jars as prints

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in The United States

So far, California (surprise), Georgia, and Idaho are the only states that have amended the legislation barring the sale of magic mushrooms to include the non-psychoactive spores.

The remaining 47 states do not explicitly prohibit the use of magic mushroom spores, but cultivating them is still prohibited. So, in the perspective of the US government, you may buy spores for research and microscope purposes, but you can’t use them to cultivate magic mushrooms at home. Ralphsters Spores is the greatest source to buy spores in the United States.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in Canada

Magic mushroom spores are fairly simple to find in Canada. The rules in this country are unclear and inconsistent, yet they are significantly more permissive than in most other countries.

Magic mushrooms are banned in Canada, yet no action has been taken against dealers selling grow kits, spores, or magic mushrooms for several years. Buyers of these items have also been mostly unaffected by them for a long period.

Magic mushrooms were just decriminalized in Vancouver, Canada, and there are now grey-area mushroom dispensaries in the downtown core. The authorities have taken no action against these establishments.
Spores101 and Sporeworks are the greatest places to buy spores in Canada.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in The Netherlands

When it comes to plant or fungi-based psychedelics, the Netherlands is typically permissive, although the rules are a little unclear. Magic mushroom truffles, for example, are legal, but the mushrooms are not. The hallucinogenic effects of truffles and magic mushrooms are identical. The main difference is that mushrooms are somewhat more powerful gram for gram.

If you reside in the Netherlands, you can easily acquire mushroom spores, but keep in mind that you can’t legally grow anything but truffles. Only some psilocybin-containing mushroom species will produce truffles, and only when the conditions are favorable.

Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe tampanensis are the most common species found in the Netherlands. The Magic Mushroom Shop is the greatest place in the Netherlands to get magic mushroom spores.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in Australia

In Australia, magic mushrooms and their spores are prohibited. There are no genuine merchants here, and ordering them from outside is unlawful. If border officials discover that the box includes magic mushroom spores, they will halt the order. They may try to take additional action against the buyer.

If you receive a letter from border authorities requesting that you come and pick up your shipment, you should ignore it and accept the loss of your order. Appearing in person to claim the parcel may imply culpability for ordering an illegal drug in Australia.

If you reside in Australia, we recommend that you do not purchase spores, but if you do, you may choose any European or North American dealer and have them mailed to your location. It may or may not be delivered, and most firms do not guarantee delivery to Australia.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in the United Kingdom

Magic mushroom spores are allowed in the United Kingdom until they germinate. Magic mushroom grow kits are available here as well, however unlike in North America, they do not come pre-inoculated. Instead, these packages include spores and pre-sterile substrate material for you to inoculate yourself.

In the UK, you may legally order spores from companies such as Viking Spores and Cyclocybe.
It’s also typical for people to order spores from the Netherlands and have them transported to the UK.

How to Store Magic Mushroom Spores

If you keep your spores properly, they will last a long time. Syringes have a shelf life of six months at room temperature and 12 to 24 months in the refrigerator.

Spore prints can be maintained alive for more than 10 years if stored in a cold, dark environment and exposed to as little air as possible. Most will arrive wrapped in tinfoil, but if you want to preserve it for an extended period of time, it’s best if you can keep it in an airtight container. You may put them in the fridge if you wish, but it’s not always required.

Final Thoughts: Buying Magic Mushroom Spores in 2023

What better method to ensure a consistent supply of psychedelics for microdosing or personal growth and healing than to cultivate them yourself? Growing magic mushrooms may be a very gratifying experience.

The first step in producing magic mushrooms is to order some spores. By collecting additional spores from the mushrooms you acquire, you may generate a permanent cycle of magic mushrooms with this stock.

There are several good spore ordering sites, as well as community spore trading websites such as the spore traders subreddit. Ralphsters (Canada and the United States), The Magic Mushrooms Shop (Europe), and Viking Spores (The United Kingdom) are a few places to look.

That being said, make sure you’re aware with your local regulations before placing a purchase. In many nations, ordering spores is allowed, but germinating them becomes prohibited.

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