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In Italy, it is unlawful to produce, buy, or sell magic mushrooms. Consuming any narcotic or hallucinogenic substance, on the other hand, is not strictly a felony. Italy’s contradictory laws are fairly perplexing. Although mushroom spores are not on any drug schedules, owning them may result in severe penalties.

Due to the hazards, the importing of spores and grow kits is not recommended. We’ll look at some of the most dependable spore suppliers who ship to Italy. We’ll also go over the regulations and penalties for buying, eating, and producing magic mushrooms so you can assess the risks and benefits.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In Italy?

Magic mushrooms are not permitted in Italy. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are classified as narcotics in the same way that cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines are. The substances included in this table are thought to have little to no recognised medicinal benefit.

Despite the fact that magic mushrooms appear on Table 1, ingesting psilocybin-containing fungus is not a crime. Although administrative punishments may be imposed, having small amounts of magic mushrooms is not punished by jail.

Possession of bigger amounts of magic mushrooms or other narcotics listed in Table 1 is a crime, and offenders face legal consequences. The criminal penalties for possessing, distributing, and cultivating magic mushrooms are significantly greater than the administrative, non-criminal penalties.

Are Spores Legal to Buy In Italy | Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in Italy?

Spores are technically legal in Italy for microscopy, and they aren’t classified as a restricted substance. However, you could face severe sanctions if you import spores with the intent to cultivate or if you buy mushroom grow kits.

It’s ultimately up to the authorities to decide whether the spores you’ve imported are for cultivation or microscopy. This makes it incredibly risky to import spores from overseas to Italy. However, if you own a microscope and have an interest in microscopy, it’s not illegal to purchase magic mushroom spores.

What’s the Penalty for Possessing Magic Mushrooms?

The consequences for having magic mushrooms in Italy vary depending on the circumstances, although personal use is not a criminal violation. A personal amount of magic mushrooms can result in administrative consequences, which are far less severe than criminal sanctions. This can be a one-year temporary suspension of your driver’s license, passport, guns license, or residency permit.

In most circumstances, a little number of mushrooms will result in a warning if an Italian person has no or a limited criminal past. Larger amounts of the substance, a criminal record, if the individual is an immigrant, or whether the person has previously been found with narcotics for personal use will all have an impact on the possible fines imposed. What to expect if you are found with magic mushrooms in Italy:

Quantity of MushroomsMinimum PenaltyMaximum Penalty
Small amount for personal useNo sanctionSuspension of personal documents (see above)
Larger amounts for personal use€1000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment€10,000 and/or 4 years imprisonment
Large amount for sale or large-scale cultivation€26,000 fine and/or 6 years imprisonment€260,000 fine and/or 20 years imprisonment

What Spore Vendors Ship to Italy?

Several spore sellers from both inside and outside of Europe will export spores to Italy. However, a number of so-called sellers con individuals.

Customers have little recourse if they discover the spores aren’t viable due to regulations prohibiting the cultivation of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. With this in mind, it’s critical to get your magic mushroom DNA from a reputable provider with a proven track record.

In this part, I’ll go through three of our favorite spore sellers who ship to Italy. These merchants offer high-quality spores and have a lengthy history with their customers.

1. The Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA

The Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA is a spore dealer situated in the USA. Before ordering, look for a retail outlet in the “Restricted Countries” section on each product page. The Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit USA is a well-known merchant with prompt shipping; items should reach in Italy within five working days. Although the genotypes available are restricted, there are plenty of possibilities for both novice and expert growers.

Recommended Strains from The Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits USA

  • Best beginner strain: Golden Teacher
  • Super potent strain: Orissa India
  • Rare strain: Treasure Coast

2. Tatanka

Tatanka is another distributor of magic mushroom spores from the Netherlands. They also have a retail presence in Amsterdam, although spores are shipped throughout Europe via their online store. This retailer exclusively ships to European Union nations, and they suggest its clients to verify their local regulations before making any orders.

Tatanka possesses around 10 distinct genetic samples. There’s nothing really uncommon here, but it’s an excellent location to purchase for high-quality spores for more common strains.

Spore samples in sterile syringes and other growth equipment, magic truffles, CBD, cannabis seeds, and other items are available for purchase. However, as previously said, ordering spores alongside other related items is not recommended in order to reduce the possibility of incrimination.

Shipping is more costly than at The Magic Mushroom Shop, but it is handled by UPS. Tatanka packages should reach in Italy in as little as three business days.

Overall, Tatanka is a trustworthy vendor who offers high-quality spore samples. They make up for a lack of genetic variety with quick shipment and excellent customer service.

Recommended Strains from Tatanka

  • Best beginner strain: Golden Teacher
  • Super potent strain: Mazatapec
  • Rare strain: Hawaiian

3. Mushroom Prints

Mushroom Prints differs from the preceding suppliers in that it is not headquartered in Europe. It is based in Canada, but it ships internationally and has many European clients. The primary disadvantage is the long shipping periods to Europe. Packages can take three to eight weeks to arrive in Italy, and they may travel through many customs gates, which might pose problems.

The biggest advantage of ordering spore samples from Mushroom Prints is their enormous genetic diversity. Over 50 distinct strains of Psilocybe cubensis and other species are available, which is ideal for individuals who are more experienced and want to start looking at more exotic strains.

Only spore samples are sold by Mushroom Prints. Sterile syringes and printouts are supplied for genetics.

According to the vendor, more than 90% of all foreign orders arrive at their destination within the estimated time limit. If an order is not received, they will send a replacement at no cost. However, if you do not get the order within that time frame, they will neither ship another delivery or issue a refund.

If you purchase spores from this merchant, you do it entirely at your own risk. If you purchase spores from a European seller, your order is more likely to be scrutinized as it enters Italy.

Recommended Strains from Mushroom Prints

  • Best beginner strain: Koh Samui
  • Super potent strain: Tidal Wave
  • Rare strain: Jedi Mind Fuck

Do Magic Mushrooms Grow Naturally In Italy?

Yes, wild magic mushrooms thrive in Italy. Italy is well-known for its wild gourmet mushrooms like chanterelle and portobello, as well as its delectable truffles. However, not just gourmet mushrooms thrive in Italy’s natural environments; several psychoactive mushroom species do as well. The Liberty Cap fungus, Psilocybe semilanceata, is the most common hallucinogenic mushroom found in nature in Italy.

Here are some of the other psychedelic mushroom species present in Italy:

  • Amanita muscaria
  • Gymnopilus junonius
  • Psilocybe cubensis
  • Psilocybe cyanescens

Final Word: Can You Buy Magic Mushroom Spores In Italy?

In Italy, magic mushrooms are prohibited. Although taking any psychedelic or narcotic substance is theoretically lawful, having psychedelic chemicals may result in serious consequences.

Unfortunately, possessing magical mushroom spores in Italy may result in a hefty fine. If you buy spore samples in Italy, you do it entirely at your own risk. Although magic mushroom spores are not a restricted substance, possession of them may indicate intent to manufacture an illegal narcotic.

Regardless of the hazards, when purchasing spores, choose a reputable source with high-quality genetics contained in discrete packaging.

This specification is met by the suppliers I’ve mentioned in this post. However, unless you have prior experience importing spores, I would recommend starting with The Magic Mushroom Shop or Tatanka before attempting Mushroom Prints or other offshore merchants.

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